You are an Infinitely Powerful Being

You are an Infinitely Powerful Being

Infinitely Powerful Being

You are an amazingly infinite and powerful being. You are here to bring love and happiness to yourself and to others always. You are here to create all the joy you can stand and to have everything you have ever wished for. You are here to make your dreams a REALITY.

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You have a powerful message that your Soul is trying to bring out into this reality. In the deepest times of silence with yourself these Soul messages are able to come through to your conscious awareness.

So why if we have this supposed infinite ability to manifest anything we wish, then why are people not happy? Why do we limit ourselves and our abilities? Why do we play down our abilities and talents and act as if we are not powerful?

The answer is simple; it takes courage to stand out from the crowd and to stand up for what we believe in. It causes pain to step out into the unknown and to achieve something that no one else has accomplished. No one ever said that stepping into your infinite power would be easy.

Most people are sedated in one form or another; they have to be in order to protect themselves from the intensely troubling and hurtful things happening in the world. People check out and cover their true feelings with food, alcohol, and drugs (prescribed and otherwise). They busy themselves with things like television and overwork themselves in a job that doesn’t include their Soul’s mission and message. Most people are on an inner level very unhappy, yet smile and act as if they are!

Well, I am not going to be fake and pretend like everything in this world is OK. I am not going to go along with status quo and be a robot and buy into all the alluring advertisements on how I can become a better person, mother, friend, girlfriend, or wife. I already know my worth, my power, and value. I am already, whole, perfect, and powerful. So are you.

I understand that many people feel trapped in their life for one reason or another. You may be in a situation that doesn’t fit the amazingly powerful person you are on the inside. If this is the case here are some steps that will help you to create your life anew and allow for your infinitely powerful self to shine through.

1.    Make a choice about what kind of life you would like to have. What calls to your heart and your soul? What is your ultimate passion in life? Write this down and commit to your dream %100. This dream will most likely be something that the majority of people will think is weird or will never happen, so only allow people who will cherish your dreams to know about it until you feel sufficiently powerful and do not mind what they think. Read this dream to yourself every evening before going to bed at night and think about how wonderful it will be when you vibrate at the frequency of your most powerful self. Remember the Universe will never give your heart a dream it cannot fulfill.

2.    Nourish yourself and treat yourself lovingly and with the most respect possible. Eat organic, raw vegetables and fruit and exercise regularly. Get regular massage and tell yourself how wonderful you are on a daily basis.

3.    Meditate and spend a lot of time alone with yourself. Being alone, contrary to what society believes about loneliness, is a sacred time where you will integrate powerful energies and downloads sent from the universe. In order to really grasp these energies you must be silent and allowing. If your mind is full of chatter and you are constantly “busy” you will miss these important Soul messages.

4.    Know deep down in your heart that you are an Infinitely Powerful Creator and that you have the wisdom of what is right in your soul and will carry this forth into the world for the betterment of all. This requires faith and trust in yourself and the universe.