Why Do We Experience Suffering on the Spiritual Path?

Why Do We Experience Suffering on the Spiritual Path?

Why Suffering

Why do we suffer during a Spiritual Awakening? You would think that the more conscious a person becomes the less suffering they will have to endure, well no, in fact the opposite is true.

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Often times when in the beginning stages of our Spiritual Journey the suffering can be the most intense. At this time we are experiencing the biggest contrast. We begin to realize that it is time to change and heal.  It is during this time that the suffering is most painful due to the fact that we are new to this experience and our consciousness has not yet expanded to a point of understanding and wisdom.

After a while (how long depends upon the person and circumstances) we grow from this suffering and become empathetic and more like our higher self. This is happening now to many people so we may clear ourselves from our past pain and help others do the same.

Sometimes people will not change unless they have experienced a certain amount of suffering first. When we cling too tightly to things being a certain way or will not let go and surrender the suffering persists. Until…we let go…and then finally we are in a place of surrender and can finally step into the beauty of our Soul.

If you have been on this journey for a while now you will notice that even though you experience many bouts of suffering there is an understanding that “This Too Shall Pass.” We know that this is all for a reason and we are growing and becoming more kind, humble, loving, and tolerant.

We can just breathe, go for a walk, meditate, read, take a bath, or do anything that is nurturing to help bring us to a place of allowance. Our higher selves know where we are going and we can just let go.