What Are Light Orbs?

What Are Light Orbs?

Light Orbs

Many people have seen these amazing balls of light at some point in their life. Most of the time they can be spotted in photography. It is unknown as to what these orbs actually are, but since I have had my own experience with them I can tell you what I learned.

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Light orbs are extremely loving entities of glowing light. In 2007 when I was going through my Kundalini Awakening, these Light Orbs would wake me up in the middle of the night and spin circles around me, surrounding me with their loving energy. They were holding the vibration of love there for me while I entrained to their energy frequency and opened up my own heart chakra. I could feel so much love pouring out of my heart and it was coming up from an endless well of love right underneath my heart. I could see with my eyes these balls of light. They only did this a few times and then they left after the process was complete.

I had no idea what these were except that they were like angels to me. They helped me open my heart so that I could hold love for all of humanity and beyond. People need to know that the love they are feeling when the light orbs are around is coming from their own being and not another other source. Light orbs are just here to help people open their hearts to this frequency. The reason I think they resemble angel energy is that they are very playful, joyful, and helpful. Just like angels.

Everyone is in the perfect place they need to be in at this moment and everyone will experience their heart expansion when they are ready and able, their higher self will guide this process. If you have yet to see an orb, do not be concerned because even if you can’t see them they are always there assisting all of us.

If the light orbs could talk to you now they would give you the following message. Open your heart to love, let go of all the barriers you have around your heart. You are capable of expressing and feeling infinite love towards yourself and everyone else.  We all live in Unity on this Beautiful Earth and we can be as happy as we want to be 🙂

As we all heal and grow together our world gets brighter, happier, and more peaceful. I love you all, thank you for reading and watching!