Turning Challenges Into Opportunities

Turning Challenges Into Opportunities

Turning Challenges Into Oppurtunities

Difficulties will present themselves in your life and will lead you to a higher place of growth and renewal.

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When you are assessing a difficult situation that you may be experiencing realize that this is a great gift for you to grow beyond where you previously have been before. The struggle is coming from the fact that you need to look deeply into the situation and find out ways in which you can improve in that area of your life. 

You may start to notice a pattern where you have had struggled for a long time with a specific thing. This is just the Universe saying that you need to pay attention now and begin to do things differently. If you do not listen, the struggle will become even greater. 

Of course change and growth are hard, but there are many blessings to found when you start taking steps in the direction that your soul is leading you towards. Many times you may go through life and everything is fine and then something will happen that will throw your whole life out of balance. When this happens, instead of getting frustrated, sad, or angry about your circumstances, start to look deeper into why this may be happening and open up to the great lessons that these difficult times hold fro you. By accepting things as they are you will take the first step into transforming the apparent struggle into an opportunity. 

We live in an all loving Universe that wants the very best for us. Setbacks are just a way to take you higher and more fully into your true self. Once you have embarked on the Spiritual Awakening path, there really is no turning back so you must proceed no matter what. Why not make this process easier and allow the changes to take place without resistance and even more hardship. If you let go and allow theses changes to take place the Universe will take you straight to the doorstep of all your longest held hopes, dreams, and wishes. It’s only through resistance that you continue to experience challenging circumstances in your life. 

Taking initiative is key, when you begin to feel an imbalance in one area of your life, really take a look and try to discover where you might be able to grow. You will have a lot less struggle if you are open to change and growth. The activities that you will begin doing to improve your situation will come from a place of joy and ease because you know that you are doing the best you can for yourself and your life. Even if these changes are small at first, you will immediately feel a sense of being lighter and a flow will be created. Instead of going against what your soul wants you will now be moving in the direction of your very highest ideals. 

You are a very special person who has many great gifts to sharewith the world. These gifts are in alignment with your mission in life. More will be revealed over time to you, but know if you are facing challenges that is a good thing and more of your gifts, skills, and abilities are becoming more fined tuned in preparation to share with yourself and all of humanity.