The Universe Will Never Place a Dream in Your Heart that it Cannot Actualize

The Universe Will Never Place a Dream in Your Heart That it Cannot Actualize

Dream in Your Heart

You most likely have a dream, something you hold very dear in your heart. This dream is designed to bring out the very best in you and to create happiness in your life. This dream is a prompting from your soul trying to awaken you to the infinite possibilities that are lying dormant in you now.

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When you hold your dream close to your heart and know that it will manifest no matter how hard things get this is how a dream comes true.

There could be problems that arise when you are trying to create your inner most dreams. This happens because when you wish for something new for yourself you will go through a process of change. You will purge old emotions and thought forms and get rid of those things that are not a part of the new vision you have set for yourself. Through this process, you may feel even more depressed than before, seeing all the things about yourself that are not in harmony with your dream. This is why you may give up on your dream thinking it might not ever happen and you are crazy for thinking that you could be that great anyway. Well, first of all you are already great, but you can always grow and move into a better version of yourself. Secondly, your dream is never going away no matter how hard you try and block it, it will always be there inside you waiting for you to activate it.

The pain you go through is designed to build your character and strength. Creating a long held dream means you must change. This could take days, months or years depending on how big your dream is. Just keep taking small action steps slowly over time and you will eventually get there. There is also an element of faith that must be applied to the situation because you must trust that if the Universe placed this special and beautiful dream in your heart it can and will be fulfilled, if you allow it.

You may have heard about vibrational frequency, everything has an energy that it is omitting. When you and your dream match in vibrational frequencies that is when you will be at your destination and you will be living the dream! This is the basis for manifesting your wishes, dreams, and desires. You are starting from where you are at, but see yourself in the future as something greater. This requires changing or leaving behind some really ingrained habitual patterns that you know are no longer serving you. In order to step into this new version of yourself there is a process and time period where you have to go through each aspect of your personality, the way you do things, what you spend your time doing, and how you approach life in general. This is no easy task and is why things do not happen overnight like we would all like!

You must make an inventory of your life situation and be grateful for the lessons and situations that have brought you to where you are at now. You are reading this, and that means you have within you the desire to create great things not only in your own life, but in the life of others.