The Truth About Twin Flames

The Truth About Twin Flames

the truth about twin flames

There is so much information on the internet today about Twin Flames. Sadly, much of the information is incorrect due to the concept becoming sensationalized.

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Starting at the pelvis zip up your energy. Move all the way up until you get to your lower lip and then lock it in. This will help you to keep the energy moving correctly throughout your day!


It’s understandable that people would want to find their one true love and live “happily ever after”, but this is not the true purpose of twin flames and that is where the confusion lies.

I met my twin back in 2005 and the healing that took place within me since that time has been incredible. It has also been very challenging and I have had to be very courageous as I have faced my deepest fears. There is much to say about my journey since then, but I have explained some of it in the video. The basic mission of twins will be different for all sets depending on their skills and abilities. The mission will probably be based in healing, teaching, creative and artistic jobs, and they will usually have a higher understanding of Universal Love. Twins have the ability to love all of humanity and are here to serve people as everyone and the Earth is evolving now.

The reason it can be hard for twins to be together in the beginning is because they do not understand what is going on. Twin Flame connections are based on a love that doesn’t fit in to the rigid constructs of the density of this Earth. When they first meet all of their rigid thought forms, beliefs, emotional pain, and anything that is blocking love will come up to be released. The problem with this is they sometimes blame each other for the other being able to see all the things wrong with them. Twins can see everything about each other vividly and this can be scary. When twins begin to feel all these intense feelings both good and bad, they must separate so they can heal on their own and become completely whole individuals that can be loving and serve without the need for someone to complete them. The twin flame relationship is not a selfish one based on only two individuals. It is a love that is for all of humanity. They will choose to complete their mission alone if that is what it takes.

Relationships are evolving and changing. With this evolution comes a higher vibration that feels more expansive rather than restrictive. Our hearts are opening and allowing for a love that encompasses all and everything. This is the true purpose of twins and it cannot be put into a box.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ― Rumi