The Higher Octave of LOVE

 The Higher Octave of LOVE

LOVE Heart!

What does it mean to LOVE in a higher way? This is a new concept that is emerging now on Earth.

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Loving everyone so much that your heart could just explode with this joyous feeling!

This is possible and this is happening NOW! This higher octave of LOVE encompasses ALL. When you think of how much you LOVE your children or your parents, imagine for a moment in your mind’s eye LOVING all the children that much, or everyone else’s parents that much. You know how much you may love your spouse or partner, well imagine if you loved all your ex partners and everyone else’s partners that much! 

LOVE has no limits! LOVE seeks to expand itself and to reach higher and higher! When we do not LOVE someone, maybe they did something to hurt us or someone else, this places a limit on LOVE and we actually do not LOVE anyone!

I know it sounds like such a different concept, but when you realize we are ONE, then it makes sense that we LOVE ALL! If you stop LOVE and limit in it anyway at all, it will ask of you too look more deeply into LOVING. Because it is TRUTH that LOVE is expansive and must encompass ALL no matter what.

Sure, you may have a bad day and not agree with certain things that people do or say, but if your HEART is placed in LOVE towards everyone and everything you are LOVING in this new Higher Octave. This is the vibration that is coming to Earth now, so it’s best that you learn this now! Exciting times are ahead, hold on, IT’S TIME!