The Benefits of Sprouting Almonds

Almond ImageAlmonds are packed with vitamins, minerals, and proteins. They can be used in many raw vegan recipes like almond milk, almond butter, even raw vegan taco meat. It’s important to know about the reasons to soak and sprout.

The reason to soak your almonds and other nuts is because they contain phytic acid. This inhibits the absorption of the nutritional value of the almonds to be assimilated and digested by the body. Soaking your almonds for at least 24 hours will allow the phytic acid to be removed.

When you sprout a seed it becomes alive. Sprouts are full of enzymes and vitamins in the almonds increase by 20 times due to the sprouting process. Along with almonds, you can sprout seeds like alfalfa, clover, and broccoli, they are delicious on salads and other raw food recipes.

When you sprout almonds you are eating a fully predigested protein that is packed full of amazing nutrients due the sprouting process.

How to soak and sprout your almonds:

  • Start with whole unprocessed raw almonds.
  • Place the almonds in a glass container and fill to about an inch over the top with purified water.
  • Allow the almonds to soak over night 12-24 hours.
  • Strain the almonds and spread out evenly on a platter.
  • Cover the almonds with a cloth and place them in a cool place like inside a cupboard. Rinse every morning and evening for two days. You will see a tiny sprout towards the narrow end when they are finished. You can also eat them before you see the sprout as long as you have let them sprout for a couple of days.
  • Instead of roasting the almonds you can place them in the dehydrator or  in the direct sun this makes them have a nice crunch.
  • Add spices like sea salt, garlic powder, cumin, cayenne, or your favorite spices to give them more flavor.

Use sprouted almonds any time the recipe calls for almonds and your body and digestive system will thank you!