As a 62 year old licensed psychologist, I have witnessed and personally experienced a great deal of adversity. While I have gone through a number of traumatic circumstances in my lifetime, the most difficult one of all came about with the introduction of my twin soul, who instead of being the source of an unending stream of love became the catalyst for an unceasing supply of pain, confusion and uncertainty. In fact, my emotions at one point had become so dark and menacing that suicide appeared my only viable option. At that time, I had no conscious awareness of the twin soul/flame dynamic. (However, at a deeper soul level I must admit I already had the requisite knowing.) The enormous disparity created by my ever increasing, conflicting cognitions and intuitions was, quite literally, tearing me apart.
When I thought I could not sink any lower, one of Angelica’s videos happened to appear on my list of YouTube recommendations. Her video was “coincidentally” entitled “The Truth of Twin Flames”. I was impulse to listen to this video and in Angelica’s typical sweet, loving, calm, articulate and unbelievably insightful manner, she described my situation perfectly – and in a way I could easily absorb even in my emotional haze. The information Angelica imparted in that video helped to usher in the beginning of the end of my own personal dark night. At least I now was starting to understand what I had been going through, why I was going through it, and what I needed to heal so that I might manifest this wonderful man into my life and move forward with his/my mission.
Since the day I watched that YouTube video, Angelica has become my entrusted counselor and beloved mentor. I have seen her in ongoing “Healing Sessions” and find her to be one of the most intelligent, loving, knowledgeable and grounded people I have ever known. I have learned a great deal from her already and have total faith in her ability to guide me to the place where I will be able to lovingly and successfully life in this time/space reality, while simultaneously remaining connected to Source. What better gift can one human being bestow upon another!?! I hold an inordinate amount of honor and respect for you, Angelica, and (as you already know) so does my twin! Angelica, I wish you all the best in every endeavor you undertake in this life and may every dream you could possible conjure come true!

"James"    Pennsylvania   

Angelica, thank you so much for caring enough to make videos that help us to grow spiritually! Your love for people, the earth, and everything shines right through your videos and I thank God that you have been sent to help in such a capacity and effectiveness that reaches multitudes of people... your work here on earth is invaluable and it motivates others, such as myself and so many other people, to also join in and be a part of this great movement -- together we will raise the earth's vibration and bring happiness and heaven here on earth... Angelica, thanks for stepping out and making a difference... you are truly an inspiration for us and your good intention and genuine heartfelt effort is very greatly appreciated... with much love... thanks eternally!

As you know there are many other spiritual teachers and coaches out there... and I have been on a long spiritual journey... and I can honestly say that I have not discovered a more consistent, genuine, and inspirational teacher than you have been! My husband and I really learn a lot from your videos because you have an incredible gift of getting the point across in a grounded way that we are able to understand. You are very consistent (not all teachers/coaches are this way!) and you carry yourself so gracefully with obvious supernatural ability to share your message like you are part of the universe itself expressing the universal truths, empathy and love that the universe itself would have for its people here on earth -- it flows right through your videos so beautifully!!!

Jo anna    Florida   

I would like to take a moment to show my appreciation for the wonderful effect Angelica has had on my life. When my awakening began I started to watch Angelica's videos on Youtube, I was also watching other videos too but Angelica is so genuinely loving, truthful and inspirational that I continue to watch her videos long after I stopped watching anybody else's. She offers a wealth of spiritual knowledge that is shared in such a way for everybody to understand and benefit from, there is something to take from all of her videos.
During my communications with Angelica I have felt the warm, powerful love that shines from so deep in her huge heart. She has so much love to give and whenever I have been going through a tough time in my awakening and had nobody to talk to I have been able to talk to Angelica about it so easily because Angelica has this ability make you feel that you can trust her because she does have your best interest at heart and she knows how to help. I have always been right to trust Angelica because she always helps me understand the things that are happening inside of myself and makes me feel better with tips on how to move forward on this spiritual path.
Angelica has much spiritual wisdom and is very in touch with her powerful, loving and very advanced soul that shines through everything she does. Angelica is much more than I can describe to you with words but if I had to describe her with one word, that word would be Love.

I want to thank you Angelica for all that you have done for me and all of the things you have done for everybody else. We are so lucky to have you with us here on earth and I am proud to have you as a teacher and a friend.

Adam    UK   

A month and a half ago I scheduled a spiritual guidance session with Angelica to better understand and work with the intensity of the kundalini experience that had arisen in my life. This was not the first time that I’d experienced strong symptoms of spiritual awakening, however at this time, it was so intense and unknown to me that I wanted to speak to someone whose soul I trusted to better understand it. I resonated strongly with Angelica’s honest, loving, straightforward, and experienced energy, and contacting her was one of the best decisions that I have made for myself this summer, let alone my whole life. Angelica wisely and intelligently affirmed all of my new inner knowings: my desires for completely different foods, time to myself, and all of the dream-like experiences that I was having that were bringing my spiritual gifts forward for the world. With Angelica’s knowledge and encouragement, I was able to begin to identify what the universe wanted to express through me, act upon my beautiful visions of moving to England despite many difficulties, and love myself through the strenuous process of being reborn. I am now a healthy, happy, empowered person guided by my spirit that has manifested dreams that I thought were impossible. I’d like to thank Angelica from the bottom of my heart for believing in the strength of my soul and the beauty of my dreams. If Angelica resonates with you, I highly suggest honoring your perfect path by utilizing her services.

Hannah    London   

Dear Angelica,
You are so inspiring, your name contains the word "Angel" and an Angel, you really are !
The Youtube videos you make are so helpful, it is obvious that you are speaking your truth with honesty and sincerity, with unconditional love and need to help your fellow human beings who, just like myself, are going through the difficult process that Spiritual Awakening is.
I'm so grateful I came across your channel because it for sure has made me feel less "abnormal" and alone, and brought me answers when I most needed a hint. You are bringing so much positivity and are not afraid to show your emotions and live them fully, you shine, that is admirable.
For all these reasons and many more - as I could go on about what an amazing and caring person you are - I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for being such an inspiration and example of positivity and unconditional love. THANK YOU ! 🙂
I'm sending you lots of Love <3

Morgane    France