Taking Medication During a Spiritual Awakening

Taking Medication During a Spiritual Awakening

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In the beginning and middle stages of a Spiritual Awakening you will go through intense and difficult changes that may have you thinking you could be crazy. If you do happen to talk with a psychiatrist they will most likely agree due to the fact that you will appear unstable and unable to cope with regular reality.

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Well it’s true you are no longer able to cope with regular reality because you have been opened up to a new reality. In this new reality you are ultra-sensitive to everything and you begin to realize that the ways you have been living up to this point may not be working for you anymore. You will begin to feel a lifetime’s worth of unresolved emotional pain coming up to the surface to be healed. You will see more clearly that there are many things within the current structures of our society that need to be changed. This could make you feel very sad, depressed, or very anxious. Everyone will handle this in their own way.

All of all these new realizations and feelings will be very difficult to manage at first. You will feel like you need a crutch to get you through this hard time so that you will be able to function in the world. Some of you may choose to take medication for a short time to get you to a place where you can start moving forward in your new life. One that will be a clearer expression of who you truly are at your core.

If you must take medication for a short time while you figure out how to manage your emotional pain then do that. Listen to your inner guidance and choose the best thing for yourself now. While you are taking the medication start to organize your life so you can heal your emotional pain naturally. A Spiritual Awakening will make it very clear that the path you are on must change and you must move in a new direction, one that is in alignment with your Soul’s Purpose. You will eventually be living a different kind of life most likely one of service to humanity. This is the purpose of people awakening at this time.

Long term use of a pharmaceutical medication can create an adverse reaction in the body. It will block the very emotions that we must feel in order to finally heal for good and move into higher states of emotional awareness and ease. Creating a healthy lifestyle is a way to heal yourself naturally. Walking every day or starting a exercise routine that you enjoy will move you through painful emotions more easily. Cleansing the body from years of unhealthy foods will also help to cleanse your emotional pain. Your body, mind, and soul are all connected. When these are all balanced, harmonized, and healed you will begin to see huge improvements in your life. Healing one, heals the others. Work on the one that is easiest for you now.

Overall, nurture and take care of yourself. You are learning self-love and through this you will intuitively know the best way to heal yourself. Know that you are always being lovingly guided, just look within and you will find the answers that you seek.