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Miracles and Rainbows

Miracles and RainbowsThis past month and a half or so has been life changing for me. After opening up to the world about my childhood story the end result has been life changing. I can surely say that the path of discovery on which I was lead was sometimes confusing and extremely hard to balance as I looked within myself and saw the outer results play out fantastically.

I have been on a path of awakening since 2005, for ten years have been seeing how I was disconnected from my true nature as a Goddess. I didn’t even know what a Goddess was and there isn’t very much true information out there if you were looking for the answers outside yourself.

The Goddess lives in every man and woman. The Goddess energy is what the world is coming back to. I will explain that whole concept in future posts and videos, but for now, just know that I found it. What I had been searching for all this long while.

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