Stages of Spiritual Awakening-Stage #5 Integration

Stages of Spiritual Awakening-Stage #5 Integration


In this stage of the spiritual awakening you will begin to integrate more of your Higher Self.

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Up until this point in the Spiritual Awakening journey things have been fairly difficult to cope with because of the intensity of the process. Now, for the first time in Stage #5, things look as if they are starting to get better.

You will begin to feel a bit more grounded. The pieces to the puzzle will begin to fit together more easily and you will have a better understanding about how you will bring your spiritual gifts and your mission into this 3D realm.

This phase will begin a time where you will finally feel some relief from the process and know all the things you have experienced so far are real and that these higher energies just had to become a part of your physical body and reality here on Earth.

Once some of your spiritual gifts start to become more easily accessed you can start using these skills towards your work with others. In the beginning this will happen slowly, just be persistent. Everything will come together with time.