The Undoing

Angelica's Quotes 5The first stage of the awakening process is I call The Undoing. You begin to realize that you are wanting more. You start to seek out new information about what is possible for your life.

Some people have an immediate awakening, where the spiritual energy just zaps them out of nowhere, but what is usually the case, from what I’ve seen and experienced, is there is a beginning ¬†where you start to feel uncomfortable in your familiar life. You begin wanting to know yourself on a deeper level.

You may have also felt for most of your life that you were different. You may not have fit in, but still you tried and before your awakening it was much easier to condition your mind. It’s really only because you sought out love that you were ever able to be conditioned in the first place. People love you when you conform.

Although never quite right to you, the unsettling things that happen on planet Earth, you still tried to make the best of it.

Now it’s not OK anymore and you begin a quest so you may one day be able to shine your inner light so bright, that love will encompass the entire planet.

You realize that you are unhappy in your current situation and you begin to look for answers to grow and expand.

You may look for new books on subjects you have never felt interested in before. Your awareness of new possibilities is slightly opening at this stage as you realize there could be more to this life after all. You begin to ask questions about your life and your purpose or it could be that you want to experience more happiness or health.

This can sometimes take awhile. You may be in this stage for a long time as you are still deeply entrenched in the past and so living in it is still quite easy for you and so you may forget a lot of the new information you are learning.

Once your consciousness starts expanding you will begin to be downloaded with new information as long as you are ready for it.

Many people feel they are currently ready for more information when in fact they still need to process the previous information a little more, or maybe they still have emotional healing to do.

Once your connection to your higher chakras starts expanding then you will have more awareness. That is what the following page is called, Sensitivity and Awareness.