Stages of a Spiritual Awakening- Stage #2 Sensitivity and Heightened Awareness

Stages of a Spiritual Awakening- Stage #2 Sensitivity and Heightened Awareness

Sensitivity and Awareness

As the Spiritual Awakening progresses your Sensitivity increases. You will also experience a sense of Heightened Awareness.

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This is the stage where things begin to open up to you through your normal five senses as well as your newly found sixth sense. Everything becomes more vivid…colors, sounds, tastes, and smells.

You will experience increased sensitivity with other people and will begin to “feel” what they are feeling and know what may be wrong with them even if they do not. It is not unusual for someone going through the spiritual awakening process to be moving towards becoming a healer of one kind or another.

What may also occur is that you get insight from out of nowhere in regards to specific people and situations. You become more in tune and can intuitively know things that others do not.

You will start to converse with the other realms, the angels and other beings in other dimensions. You are beginning to be exposed to new information and learning how to interact with the subtlety of the spiritual realm.

As your sensitivity expands and your awareness grows you become a more refined healer and teacher. You will be able to take these new skills out into the world in order to be of service to others in your chosen field. This stage doesn’t end, it continues to grow and develop as your intuitive capabilities keep increasing.

In the beginning these new sensations may be a little shocking as you expand your consciousness to new levels and begin to see and hear things you have never been able to in the perceived past.

Always remember that all of these things are happening to you because you have a greater mission and are here to be there for others in whichever capacity you are best able. You have skills and abilities no one else has and through this spiritual journey will not only learn what those are, but also how to powerfully use them.