Stages of a Spiritual Awakening- Stage #1 The Undoing

Stages of a Spiritual Awakening- Stage #1 The Undoing


There are many stages during the spiritual awakening process. They all last for different amounts of time and overlap other stages as the spiritual journey unfolds.

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Everyone is very different and will experiences their path in a unique way. I will write about this first stage as generally as possible and if you would like specific answers or guidance please sign up for a spiritual guidance session.

During the first stage I call this the undoing, a person will start to look at the way they have lived their life in the past and begin to question it. You will look for healthy ways to begin to change and grow. Maybe you will be drawn to reading books about healing or start to want to heal yourself.

In the beginning stages you start to unwind from the past and actually expand your energy to become much bigger because you cannot fit any longer in the dense third dimensional body you inhabit. You will over time begin to shed patterns, beliefs, and habits that you learned in child hood that no longer fit who you are becoming.

This process can be painful because through your questioning it becomes obvious that the things you thought were right and the way you lived your life were in fact only a small portion of what is actually possible. The pain comes in as your ego tries to hold on to the past and fights for the person that you used to be. The ego is part of the 3D realm and it will be defeated in the face of higher frequency energies so as this begins to happen you will be feeling like you are dying, but that goes into stage two. It isn’t you actually dying it is just the ego and the old self that is dying.

In the first stage you are just questioning because of an uneasy feeling with the way things are and you feel as though you may have a higher purpose and a higher calling. So you try things and begin your quest on a spiritual journey that will last for the rest of your life. This website, videos, and blogs are here to help you along that journey because even though it can bring great fulfillment to understand who you truly are, it can also bring much pain, inner turmoil, and confusion while you release what must be released.

Over time you will begin to become a soul inhabiting a body and this is when you can serve others and when many of the stages and symptoms subside.