Stages of a Spiritual Awakening-#4 Dark Night of the Soul

Stages of a Spiritual Awakening-#4 Dark Night of the Soul

Dark Night

After the influx of spiritual energy of the Kundalini Awakening, you may be shocked when you find yourself in darkness.

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During the Dark Night of the Soul you go through a deep transformational process. This is likely the most difficult of all the stages.

The reason this stage lasts so long and is the most painful is because you can no longer be the person you were before and you are not yet who you are becoming. The ego is grasping to hang onto the limited reality you once lived and the death of the ego can feel like you are actually dying. You may also feel really depressed and all alone and may even question if there is a God. You will stay in this darkness until you have thought through all the different sides of every area of your life: past, present, and future.

Do not let this process scare you because it does end, even though it feels like it might not. The length of how long it takes depends upon how willing you are to let go and release the ego and turn over these ways to unconditional love. This process will accelerate your growth rapidly and you will come out of this far more advanced then when you went into it.

You also may feel like you are in the middle somewhere that is filled with nothingness. That’s why it is called the Dark Night because there isn’t anything there except darkness. This is scary, not actually knowing what is to come and having a feeling of not caring anyway most of the time.

The Dark Night doesn’t happen to everyone on a spiritual path, but if it is happening to you then you are getting ready for a special mission.