Stage of a Spiritual Awakening- Stage #3 Infusion of the Kundalini Energy

Stage of a Spiritual Awakening- Stage #3 Infusion of the Kundalini Energy


This can be the most dramatic stage of the spiritual awakening process because of the intense things that occur to your body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

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When the Kundalini energy starts to move up the spine everything gets burned up and you will feel a warm ecstatic energy move through your being. You will feel elated states where you feel that you have magical powers and capabilities. You will also have what some would call hallucinations because you are able to have full access with the other realms.

None of this happens in a specific way, once the Kundalini energy starts to work through your body, the intensity of the experience will come and go and could come on at various times that may be inconvenient. You will for the most part in the beginning be in a state of extreme awe or kind of “delusional” thinking. It isn’t really delusional, it is just an influx of super high frequency energy all at once and if you do not have skills at managing it, others may think you need medication. A word of caution, do not under any circumstances takes pharmaceutical medications, this will suppress the energy and could create irreparable damage to the natural process.

You may talk to spirits in other realms, have magnificent dreams that are precognitive, read people’s minds, predict the future, see people’s auras, astral travel, heal people, and many more experiences when the Kundalini activates. These are new powers that you are gaining so that you may step into your new role. Please leave a comment on this post about your experience with the Kundalini energy and what happened or

This is the stage in which you will have no doubt that you are changing and that you are going through an awakening of some sort. It will be undeniable and that is why it is important to learn techniques and skills from a professional to help you cope with this experience. There are many things you can do in order to ground your energy so you do not short circuit. Believe me, I have personal experience with this and I did short circuit. The reason you would like to learn to balance out this energy is so your dark night of the soul, the next stage, will not be as dark and your glandular and nervous systems don’t burn out. If your system gets fried you could have years of repair to do on your physical body. You want to know what healthy approaches you should take to prevent this from happening. Speaking with a Spiritual Counselor will help you manage this process and move through it with ease and grace.

The Kundalini Energy will continue to move through your body for the entirety of your life once it has been unleashed. It will however become more manageable as time goes on and will continue to help you evolve to your highest potential on the 3D plane of existence. It is difficult to move higher frequency energy or soul energy through your dense physical body, but this is what the Kundalini energy does. It is the precursor for the soul to move into the physical body.

Even though the Kundalini energy can feel blissful, it will lead to the next stage which is the Dark Night of the Soul where you will come down and will be shown all the things that must be changed and transformed in your life. The Kundalini energy is there to show you what could be available on a consistent basis, yet you must first let go of the past and outdated ways of being first.