Spiritual Relationships

Spiritual Relationship ImageWhen you are going through a spiritual awakening, relationships are going to be affected. There are many different scenarios happening now on Earth as new kinds of relationship dynamics take hold. The way that you have previously related to others is going through a massive overhaul and this may cause many changes in relationships that seemed like they were doing fine before. Everyone is awakening at different times so if you are growing and evolving at a rapid rate then it could be some of your closest family, friends, and even partners are not. You may find that you need to either leave some relationships or just separate yourself from them for awhile. As you grow then you will begin aligning with others that are on the same path as you and you may even meet a partner that you can connect with on a deeper level. This sounds nice, but can also bring up more emotional healing up to the surface that needs to be dealt with.  As enough people grow spiritually and merge with the aspects of their higher self these new relationships will be able to come in without as much struggle.

I will explain some of different relationship dynamics that are occurring now on Earth. Once we become balanced enough within ourselves then we can welcome in some of the higher levels of these spiritual partnerships.

Soulmates- There are some people who are meeting their soulmates now. A soulmate is someone who has similar interests to you and who you can relate to on a very deep level of love. When you meet them everything seems to flow and you feel like you can do anything with then and they completely understand you. You are from the same soul family so there is a sense of familiarity and you both want to spend a lot of time together. There are feelings of closeness and love that strengthen this bond.

Twin Flames- Twin flames are very different from soulmates because even though they understand each other on a soul level, the physical might not be matching up as easily. The dynamic with twins is a little more complicated in the sense that they are the same soul in two separate bodies. You feel like you know them on a deeper level than anyone else and you have a telepathic communications with them, but there is massive healing that must occur before these energies can come together on the physical.  The reason being is that that twins radiate such a high level of energy that things could go very wrong if their own inner wounds are not healed first. This often leads twins to do a lot of healing work on their own before reuniting.

Family and Friends- Family and friends are not going to understand what you are going through once you begin awakening to a higher level of being. They will get scared that you are changing at such a rapid rate and will react in ways that may not be very nice because they could feel like they may lose you if you grow to much. Your healing and growth may also trigger something deep within them and they will now they must also grow, but may not be ready to. You may find yourself having to distance yourself from these relationships for a short time so that you may gain perspective and heal. You may be able to return to them if they can relate to you on a new level.

Relationship Difficulties- The spiritual awakening path brings up many relationship difficulties because as we heal and grow within ourselves the relationships in our lives must heal and grow as well. You may find yourself feeling lonely as you are doing a massive overhaul of your life. This is normal and you shouldn’t worry, new things will emerge after you have completed this proccess. You may find that you need a lot of extra time to really get to know yourself and what you need in a relationship before being able to relate with others again.

Unity Consciousness– Once you experience the feeling of oneness that comes with awakening spiritually you will understand that we are all one. This means loving all the same as you love yourself, your family, and your partner.  Unity consciousness is where the Earth is heading and once enough people understand this concept many of the current problems we are facing will go away.  Self love is a very important component to this because if you don’t really love and value yourself fully than you cannot truly love anyone else. Unity brings us together and allows us to emanate a higher level of compassion than we have known before.

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