Spiritual Awakening- What to Expect and How to Cope

 Spiritual Awakening- What to Expect and How to Cope

Spiritual awakening

Many people at this time are going through a spiritual awakening or it could also be seen as a crisis where the things we knew and the ways that we lived in the past do not match up to where our soul is trying to lead us. This is spurred initially with a crisis of some sort. Where we become aware that we are greater than we thought, and can seem to have “special powers”, but also fall into deep unknown depths of emotional pain.

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I talk from experience. I started initially going through my awakening towards the end of 2005 and intensely in mid-2007. For the next 3-4 years my entire life would completely transform.

There will be sudden crisis, a knowing that what you have believed up until this point may not be true. Dark Night of the Soul it’s called in some places. This happens so your body, personality, ego, and etheric body can discard things that are of no value or use to your new spiritual mission. This could take years and could even flare up from time to time after the awakening has become more balanced.

Kundalini Awakenings can happen suddenly, or through eating a raw food diet. When this fire burns through your body and enlightens you, it can also bring a lot of painful experiences as you rid your body of past experiences, pain, and other things that do not serve your highest light. It can also burn out a lot of your body’s systems and could take time to recover if you do not balance the energy properly. Eating well, baths, keeping grounded, and walks in nature help.

You will be shown that your life has a greater purpose and meaning. You will be guided to serve humanity and know that you are here on a mission or here for a specific purpose.

Once the energy subsides and you have gone through the most difficult stages and have lost all you knew then you can proceed on the work of fulfilling this mission. Be gentle with yourself and allow yourself time to ease into it. Again, this could take years for your body and surroundings to adjust. You may lose friends, jobs, not fit in to anything, not know where you belong and not know where you will go. It can be scary, but this causes one to turn to a Higher Energy inwards towards your own inner light and to be guided to help others and to create a better world.