Spiritual Awakening Symptoms- Feeling Tired

Spiritual Awakening Signs- Feeling Tired

Spiritual Awakening Signs Tired

A very common symptom you may experience during a Spiritual Awakening is feeling tired.

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What are the reasons that you feel so tired during a Spiritual Awakening? Does it feel like you cannot get enough sleep and you don’t have energy to do much of anything at all? This is a normal process and will begin to get better once your body systems acclimate to the new spiritual energy. 

The main reason you will feel very tired during a Spiritual Awakening is because this higher frequency energy that moves throughout your body and can sometimes 
burn out certain systems including your glandular and hormonal systems. There are definitely many other processes taking place, but since I am not that fluent in biology I will not try and explain it. What I do know from personal experience is my adrenal glands, thyroid glands, and pituitary gland were affected a great deal and this caused a lot of tiredness. It takes a lot of time to allow the spiritual higher frequency energy to merge with your third dimensional physical body.

I was so tired during this phase that 
I didn’t want to do my normal activities like go to work, clean, and other things that made me a “good citizen”. I felt so guilty and thought I was a complete failure because my normal high energy personality of being able to do everything was gone and had been replaced with an insatiable desire to sleep and rest. The truth is I was being infused with new energy information and downloads that were helping me see that I needed to be doing something else with my time.  If you are going through this then you must take all the time you can to rest and allow this energy to move through the body in the way that it needs too. 

The spiritual energy can move through you and complete the work that it needs to more easily if you are resting, meditating, sleeping, or walking peacefully in nature. When
 you are running around frantic, stressed out, or doing to many tasks the energy cannot do the work it needs to do. Eventually you will get to a place of stability, balance, and harmonization with this higher frequency energy. In a sense your soul is merging with your body and in order for that to take place you need to be resting. You can probably imagine this is a difficult and very complex process.

There are th
ings that will prolong this phase and those are not resting, drinking huge amounts of caffeine, and using drugs or alcohol. The best thing you can do during this phase is rest, eat healthy foods, clear out the unnecessary things from your life, and take really good care of yourself.  Learning to give yourself what you need and loving yourself so much that you give up the things that are draining your energy are part of the reason you are experiencing this too. You come first so that you may heal and be able to better serve others later. Take this time for yourself and understand that it will pass and you will feel energized, happy, and clear once again.