Speaking Your Truth- Unleashing Your Creative Expression

Speaking Your Truth- Unleashing Your Creative Expression

Unleashing your creative expression

This is a picture of the throat chakra. If our throat chakra is functioning properly we will have the ability to speak our truth easily and clearly. The energy that comes from the throat chakra, our voice, our choices, and our truth also become what we manifest on this physical plane.

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In our society it can be difficult to speak our truth. There are many reasons for this and one of the most obvious is that we all want to fit in and be approved of. If you are going against people’s current understanding of what they feel is right they will most definitely react, in a negative way. I have always prided myself on being different, but seeing how the outside world responded to my different personality often times left me sad and unable to feel like I fit in. Even so I kept speaking my truth because I knew deep down in my heart that it is what I must do. I also noticed that people have so many creative ideas, views, and opinions, but they do not express their inner truths. People stuff down how they really feel so they will not “rock the boat.”

We all have something very valuable to share with the world. Each one of us has a beauty that is immense and waiting to be realized. When you begin to speak your truth there are going to be some people who put you down and even say things like you are crazy, you will never be able to live your dream, and that is impossible. Well, in my opinion, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

We must remember that all of the greatest things have been discovered and invented when someone dared to venture out into the unknown and speak their truth no matter how hard it was. If we always go along with what we are told to do, we will never discover the creative vision in our hearts waiting to be discovered.

There is a way to speak your truth in a very compassionate, gentle, yet powerful way. Speaking up when you know something isn’t right and telling people when they have done something wrong can be a difficult balance, but you can master it.

Speaking your truth is an important component of living a healthy and balanced life. Energy and creativity flow through us and must be expressed. When this energy gets blocked or doesn’t have an outlet, we can get sick and depressed.  What you have to say is extremely important and there are people who can learn valuable things from you. Shine your light, express who you truly are and be excited to be a unique person with many gifts to share!