Soul Star, Higher Heart, and Earth Star Chakras

Soul Star ChakraThe Soul Star Chakra is what I called my North Star Chakra before I even knew what it was. This is the chakra that I felt guided me on my journey here. I knew I didn’t have a past life here and this was all new. I had to connect to the other realms where I came from in order to have enough motivation to get through this sometimes very trying experience. I felt my Soul Star Chakra open up big time in 2007 and from then on the energy I receive from this chakra hasn’t stopped emanating. It is of the greatest importance for me to follow the knowing that I receive through this chakra. It comes before anything else in my life, this is where you connect to your divine mission.

Soul Star Chakra

  •  Located 8 inches above the head
  • Governs ease of manifestation on the Earth Plane
  • Brings you awareness and guidance about your life’s purpose
  • Rainbow children connect with this chakra the most
  • Amplifies the importance of service to humanity
  • Clears fear in regards to life’s purpose
  • Karma completed when fully open
  • Direct communication with star beings and angels

The Higher Heart chakra has been operating well in my life because I have always felt a deep connection and love for all of humanity. However, recently I have experienced some blockages in this chakra.  Due to this clearing I was inspired to write this post. Even though this chakra rules over love for all of humanity, it has been difficult for me to connect intimately with individual people due to the pain I still had to purge and release from my childhood and early 20s.

Higher Heart Chakra

  • Located midway between the heart and throat chakras
  • Called the Seat of the Soul
  • Helps with unconditional love for humanity
  • Acceptance of all people and beliefs
  • Helps with removing negative emotions and beliefs
  • Links us to Earth and the Heavens
  • Creates a feeling of connection to all
  • Helps us to give and receive love
  • Allows for loving communication with spirit
  • Easier to speak our divine truth
  • Allows for the higher mind to connect with the inner child
  • Brings greater awareness and healing to emotional body

The Earth Star chakra opened up in my in the middle of 2008. That is when I felt my spiritual energy actually merge with my physical body. When this happened I felt great pain for a very long time as I connected with not only the pain within myself, but also the pain within the collective. It was here that I realized none of the knowing I have had up to that point would be of any use unless it was grounded here on Earth.

Earth Star Chakra

  • 12 inches below the feet
  • Grounds and connects us the the Earth
  • Where we share the pain of humanity’s past and present
  • Allows our spiritual energy to ground on the Earth plane
  • Helps us bring our spiritual knowing into reality
  • Brings a sense of groundedness to our spiritual work