Self Love

Self Love

Self love

Self-love is one of the most important lessons on the Spiritual Awakening path. It may not be the first lesson you learn, but one that will definitely have an impact on your life and your relationships with yourself and others.

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Self-love is necessary to live a healthy life. To be happy and to help others.  If we do not have true love for ourselves we cannot really be of service to others. We are here to live by example so by exhibiting self-love to others, it show them how to love themselves as well.

There is no simple answer on how one can be more self-loving, only by desiring it to be so and having a connection with a higher source can we be shown the answers. It can take a long time, but slowly our self-love will grow over time.

If we seek love from outside our self then we are looking in the wrong place. The love we are trying to project outwards to someone else is really the love we are lacking and should be giving to ourselves. There is a void there that needs to be filled and hopefully it will be filled with love for ourselves.

Some ways that you can love yourself-

  •  Learn to receive love, compliments, and praise. Appreciate others when they say or do nice things for you.
  • Give yourself compliments and encouragements, praise yourself for all the wonderful things you do.
  • Do the things you love to do. Keep adding in more pleasure to your life.
  • Respect and value yourself, your time, your health, and your energy.
  • Notice the beauty in yourself and in all things.
  • Be patient and know all good things come in time.