Rebuild Your Life Force Energy

Yin YangRebuild Your Life Force Energy

Some people think that life force energy cannot be restored, but as times change and new evolutionary discoveries are made, we are finding out that the body can almost completely restore itself to a place of pristine and amazing health.

The only thing that people have a difficult time changing is their habits. These can be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. If you begin making slow changes to your health and well-being you will change your cellular structure to become the person you have always had the potential to be. You are not stuck because of your genealogy, you can change any predicament that is troubling you now.

Living a whole life is freedom, you already are free and always have been. Once your life force energy is brought back into balance then you can begin to create from this strong foundation. If you try to rebuild and haven’t yet discovered what is at the basis of your thoughts, feelings, and actions you will have results that are fleeting.This can make you feel more discouraged and you may give up, or worse yet begin to add more negative emotions on top of what is already there. It’s like planting seeds in infertile soil. It’s in the depth, what lies underneath, that you have to work with so that your soil becomes pure and nourishing, helping your dreams to be anchored in something sustainable.

This has taken me many years to discover as I used to not even know what was inside my being. I always smiled, put on a happy face, but if I had inquired further back then, I would have seen where my problems were stemming from. I subconsciously had a fear to move into and resolve these underlying issues that were creating my outer results and manifestations.

I wondered to myself, “Why is this happening? I am always positive and happy and yet I am unable to attain the results I so desperately seek.” Looking back I see now that I was just covering up my deep sadness, negativity, worry, stress, and unhappiness with a happy smile that I didn’t really feel deep down.

I want to give you the techniques and strategies that will help you discover peace within yourself using a holistic model. To be holistic means to deal with the whole of something. We are more than our physical bodies, we are mostly made of something unseen by the usual senses. The physical manifestation of what we see is just the final density of what has been going on within the unseen aspects within our higher energy bodies.

The mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies are where most of our work has to be done in order to improve our lives and as this happens the physical just comes to match it. If this is difficult for you to comprehend at first, you can start by working with your physical body and that will lead to greater wholeness within the other unseen aspects. I will be going over techniques for both.

Your life force energy is the energy that propels you to move forward in life, it gives you vigor, stamina, and can create a stable foundation on which you can build a happy and fulfilling life. It allows you to feel passionate about your life and work. Without sufficient life force energy you feel low, depressed, and out of sync.

Harmony and balance within and the body is essential to an abundant  life. Rebuilding your life force energy will allow you to build a strong foundation of health that will help you ovecome any challenges or stress that may come about in your daily life.You will be able to handle troubling situations and possibly even eliminate depression and sickness from your life all together.

There are many components to rebuilding your life force energy. They are all integral pieces to the overall puzzle. Im now going to explain some key components to the process so you may start rebuilding your life force energy and learn how to feel balanced and peaceful in every now moment.

Remember change doesn’t happen overnight, but with practice and stability you will begin to make small steps in the right direction and that is how lasting change is created. Start today by making a commitment to doing at least one of these things and implementing it into your daily life. With time you will have deposited so much abundance into your health and well-being account, this is when you will not even notice that you were even troubled before.

100% Commitment-

Once a commitment is made, the Universe starts bringing all the necessary components you will need to fulfill your new decision.You cannot effectively commit to making changes in your life for anyone else but yourself. Once you make a commitment to yourself and to your well being, you will be effectively moving the Universal energy along with you. You have unlimited support, it just starts with a commitment to change.

Many people do things for others, but this is often something that doesn’t work, The reason is that everyone outside of you is just a reflection of yourself. You have to start from within you and then miraculously everything around you begins to change and reflect your own happiness. Start with you, listen to your heart and make a commitment to be your greatest self.

Be Persistent-

You will have times when you feel like giving up. Before your outer reality changes you will have to go through the challenging task of trusting your own inner knowing and the Universe. In order to make lasting changes in your life you must be persistent, successful people never give up even during seemingly negative obstacles.

Keep going and you will definitely start to see drastic changes in your life. You will feel worse before you feel better and this is due to many factors. Your body and mind has become accustomed and addicted to specific chemical releases in the brain that have already been established so you actually feel comfortable in the negative feelings. Another reason is when you begin to make a change for the better you will come up against many of your old beliefs and negative emotions and you will feel them again strongly because you are no longer covering them up.

The effective way to eliminate old patterns is to give them the space they need and allow them to release in the now moment. If you just see them, feel them, and discover what it at the basis of these feelings they will leave and never come back. This is a process of unraveling and will take time, but soon you will find there is nothing left to clear and your persistence has paid off because now you are standing within your true essence.

Let Go of Old Habits-

Depleting habits include things like caffeine, sugar, dairy, gluten, drugs, alcohol, smoking, TV, video games, gossiping, worrying, complaining, talking for hours with friends about your perceived problems, and thinking negatively.

This may sound overwhelming, but every single one of these things I mentioned are depleting your life force energy. This energy is what allows you to create your best life. Over time one by one eliminate these harmful things from your life.

Daily Movement-

Movement is essential to a strong inner foundation of health. You have to move the energy and life force within the body to help you eliminate toxins and balance the stress hormone levels in your body.

A daily exercise or yoga routine will do more for your health than you could ever imagine. It will give you a sense of positivity and make you rise your life force energy and create flow in your life.

Healthy Diet-

Obviously more people are recognizing how foods directly affect the way they feel. If your body is depleted in essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, you will not feel well.

Most people’s diets are lacking in what their bodies requires to provide normal daily energy needs. I feel that people are always hungry because they are lacking in nutrients that help their body run efficiently.

The very best thing you can do for your health is eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables everyday. This will slowly allow your body to repair itself and bring in the nourishment it has been lacking in. You can actually live very healthy without aging if you have the essential elements you need to live a healthy life. Degeneration is not a normal flow of Universal intelligence.

Eat living healthy foods and you will feel the light energy begin to repair your cells, uplift our energy, stop or reverse the aging process, and rebuild your life force energy.

Positive Thoughts-

Thinking positively is easier said than done, however it is imperative that you begin. Like I stated in the beginning of this writing I thought I was thinking positively for many years, but I was just covering up my deep inner pain.

You may be wondering how on earth can you start thinking positively when you feel so bad underneath it all. I’m going to say it is a must because if you don’t you will continue to be run by these underlying negative emotions and they will lead your life anyway.

Look around you right now. Whatever you currently see is the reality of your innermost thoughts. The great news is that anything can get better so by going within and changing these thoughts you allow your circumstances to change as if by magic.


Meditation is important because it allows you to see underneath the surface level of your being. This is how your deeper emotions, thoughts, and feelings can come up to the surface to be released.

People have a difficult time with meditation because they have to feel into these hidden aspects. When you begin to meditate you will see your thoughts and how they race. Your racing thoughts will create feelings within your body and you will start to see how your reality is created.

Through a regular practice of meditation you will calm your mind and body, finding inner peace and a state of harmony. This state of harmony is what allows all of your positive manifestations to be realized by you. You don’t have to do anything but find balance and all your good is delivered straight to your doorstep without even asking. The Universe already knows what is in your heart.

Be with Yourself-

Learning to enjoy your own company is the greatest reward you will ever find in life. You can never be lonely again once you discover the love of yourself.

When you are on the road to rebuilding your life to be a great success you may need a lot of time alone to contemplate.

If you find yourself alone and not wanting to be it means that you still haven’t delved deeply into the greatest love ever, the love of yourself. Once you are solid with your inner being then the people that surround you will just reflect the greatest parts of you.

When are trying to make changes in your life and are neglecting yourself then you will find people who will criticize what you are doing and tell you that you cannot succeed. This isn’t useful, so get yourself right first and then every single thing will fall into place.

Do Your Best-

The last thing that you can do to rebuild your life force energy is to always do your best. This doesn’t mean push yourself hard until the point of exhaustion because that will only deplete you.

Doing your best means doing what is best for yourself in every now moment. What makes you feel good right now? If you get inspired to move ahead then do so, but if you feel tired then rest.

Treat yourself with the ultimate respect, reverence, and kindness and the Universe will supply you abundantly with prosperity in every area greater than your imagination could ever dream!