Psychic Attacks and Energy Vampires

Psychic Attacks and Energy Vampires

Psychic Attack and Energy Vampires

Do you ever feel like you are being attacked by unseen forces? Are people draining you of your energy? This is a common phenomenon in some spiritual circles. It is also common during a Spiritual Awakening.

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Are you always trying to do good things and then out of nowhere something bad happens? Imagine yourself feeling fine then suddenly you sense your energy is being drained. You may feel like someone is sending you bad vibes, they are out to get you, or trying to control you. Why do these things happen? What can you do about it when you feel like you have no control?

The reason psychic attacks occur is because negative people who do not have control of their minds throw negativity around everywhere, permeating their environments with this energy. They send this vibe out to others and because others take it in and accept it, it becomes their reality and they are accusatory saying they have been psychically attacked. In reality, they have not.

You never have to take in anyone else’s negativity no matter what. If you do decide to allow in a psychic attack, you do so from your own free will choice. In fact, to take this a step further, what you are feeling “out there” to be attacking you is really inside of you. When you acknowledge that someone else may be psychically attacking you it means that there is healing that must take place within yourself.

When you become more healed on your Spiritual Path then you do not feel like you are being attacked, in fact you feel quite the opposite. You feel like people are helping you and are there for you when you need them. The Spiritual Awakening process involves trust, faith, and assurance that things are happening for the greatest good of all. When you do acquire this thinking pattern you realize that the Universe is on your side and all good will come to you while you are following your path to happiness.

Any conflicts within your own being and any negativity you are thinking others are sending towards you is your own. You may not want to hear that but you must take responsibility for your own healing process. We are mirrors to each other if someone is attacking you, ask yourself why. Look deeply within yourself to find the answers to this question. No one is draining your energy either. If you feel like there are energy vampires next door or in the store every time you go shopping then it is time to look within. When you feel completely balanced, grounded, and healthy within you have no thoughts of people trying to attack you. You understand the reality of the Universe and realize things are happening as they should.

You really do create your own reality. What is within you will manifest itself without. I have felt like I was being attacked psychically especially when I was going through the heightened part of my Spiritual Awakening. These were not others out to get me, but deeper parts of myself that had to be healed. Further down the path of Awakening I have found that as these aspects of my emotional, spiritual, mental, physical, and etheric bodies heal, I do not feel like I am being drained by anything other than myself. If I am doing harm in any way towards myself then I always feel it, but now I take responsibility for this instead of blaming things in the outer world.