Plant Your New Moon Seeds

NewMoonIntentionsToday is a new moon and it’s time to set your new moon intentions!

New energy is created during the time of the new moon. This is the best time to create new intentions and plant the seeds that will eventually come into culmination at the full moon phase.

Some intentions take longer to manifest than others, however, if you are clear on your intent and depending upon which house the new moon falls in your personal chart, you can use this energy to bring miracles into your life.

Some intentions will manifest during the full within the months ahead, just stay true to what you are planting and watch the results.

Within the first 48 hours of a new moon is the very best time to plant your seeds.

Just as a farmer plants his seeds to produce the best crops, you can plant and harvest your most heart felt dreams by focusing energy at this specific time.

Instructions for placing your new moon intentions:

  • Hand write your intentions clearly hand written on paper.
  • Make sure you write your intentions in present tense and that they invoke a feeling of hope and joy within you.
  • Make anywhere from 3-10 new moon intentions.
  • Place this paper in a place where you will not focus on it all the time.
  • There is no need to ask constantly for these intentions to manifest, once you ask once, it is done. Continuing to ask over and over shows a lack of faith in this powerful process.

WISH Upon a Star

Use this technique at every new moon and if you can check to see what sign the new moon falls in, this will help you to recognize which intentions will manifest the quickest in the days and months ahead.

You are a powerful creator and by using your own energy with the powerful new moon energy you can create great results.

May all your dreams and wishes come true!