Observing Your Relationships to Achieve Unity Consciousness

Observing Your Relationships to Achieve Unity Consciousness

Observing Relationships

Nothing can transform people more powerfully than relationships. How are relationships on Earth evolving? How can you be in relationships with an expanded view that includes all of humanity?

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Relationships are here to act as mirrors, for you to learn to deal with difficult emotions and to allow them to heal. Sometimes it can be difficult to see the flaws in yourself and so relationships have been created in order for you to be able to see yourselves more clearly, through the “other”.

Right now intense healing is needed in order for our planet and humanity to heal. This is why the nature of relationships have been changing. Many people all around the world are experiencing heart centered awakenings and other difficult relationship themes. This is happening so that an awakening can occur and you can open to the love that is within and can project that love outward into the whole world.

Difficult relationship dynamics bring the most dynamic healing to your growth as a human being. By looking at your astrological chart you may also see themes about what your relationship patterns are, how your relationships impact you, and how you can grow through relationship development.

Relationships going into the future will be based on a much different theme than they have in the past. These Relationships will further the growth of humanity in a positive way. If your relationship is not producing this, then you are still learning valuable lessons on your own personal healing journey.

What is the point of a relationship if it is not based in love for all of humanity? If you really think about this then you will realize we are all one and if that is true we must love ALL and EVERYONE. This is called Unity Consciousness and this is what the New Earth will be about.

In the past, relationships have been very one sided, about only loving the person you are with and like I said before this is so people could grow more and develop themselves first. This is also apparent in families, cultures, and countries. Why do people feel so strongly about caring for their own country, but have little care for other countries, or caring for their own family, but not so much another’s family? You hear people talk about the tragedy of an X number of “Americans” dying in a war, but why are Americans more important than the people who died in the other countries? I’ve never understood this and I think if people will go a little deeper and ask some of these questions themselves real answers will emerge. No one is better than anyone else.

We must remember we are a part of Humanity as a WHOLE, what happens to the people of this Earth, affects all of us on a deep subconscious level. I love other people’s children as if they are my own. I love other cultures and people of different ethnic backgrounds as much as I love my own. There really isn’t a ME or YOU, we are ONE and by learning to love yourselves and by loving all others you come to understand this much more clearly. It doesn’t matter much the order in which you get this, but you must eventually feel that love for yourself and all others to fully understand this concept.

Relationships in today’s society can be filled with negative expression and emotional drama, unless this is corrected things will continue on in the same way. When you do not love yourselves, you do not love anyone, when you do not love your ex, you do not love anyone, when you are angry with a family member you are angry with everyone. You get the idea, to love ONE means to love ALL. When you really observe the dysfunction and see what is going on here on Earth, you will realize why people do what they do and why people hurt others, so in fact you can love and show compassion for even the cruelest people. When spiritually aware individuals love themselves and everyone else equally, this spreads out to others by the law of resonance. The more people who embody this way of thinking the more healing will take place on this planet.

The so called normal life on this planet so far has been, you get married, get a house, and have a family. This isn’t wrong, but can you possibly expand this out a  bit further? The new relationships on Earth will be humanitarian in nature, they must become that way in order for us to survive. We will  love all the same and unconditionally. This is not to say that you will not have a spiritual partner because you will. You both will be on a path of giving love, not only to each other, but to Humanity as well.

Do you have it within you to not only love your family, but to love all families? To love not only your country, but all countries? These are questions that you may be wanting to ask yourselves. If you are limited in this area you are in need of some more growth.

When people are needy or clinging to someone else and trying to acquire love from that person it is directly linked to a desire to love oneself more fully. Whatever you are looking for in a relationship is what you are really seeking within yourself. You are the SOURCE of love, it doesn’t come from another. This love is infinite and once you realize this, that love will spread throughout Earth. The beautiful love you feel for another isn’t because they are so wonderful, but because you hold this love within your own heart and you are experiencing the great love that YOU ARE. Just turn the love you feel for them back around and direct it towards yourself, it’s that easy.

We are all in this together we will create change. This can only be done by first doing this for yourself and then it will spread to others. Be an example of this Unity Consciousness and allow the limitations this society has placed on you to slip away and transcend.