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Raw Journey Ebook A Raw Food Journey  helps you on your path to creating a healthy lifestyle. This eBook walks you through 7 days of extreme self care and includes 21 delicious recipes that I am sure you will love. It is a good idea to try everything for yourself to see how you feel so taking 7 days out of your life to try it will benefit you greatly.

This eBook also includes helpful tips for everything you need to know about the raw food lifestyle. In the back there is a glossary which includes the health benefits of every ingredient used in the recipes. You will find out how many more nutrients you are gaining and assimilating by eating these healthy and nutritious foods.

No other species living on the Earth cooks their food and it is one of the main reasons that they do not experience health issues and disease. Many of the biggest and strongest animals are raw vegans and they are healthy and do not show signs of aging.  It is wise to learn from nature and follow its lead. When you awaken you will learn to follow your own inner knowing rather than that which society has told you is true. Try it for yourself, you will see dramatic and lasting healthy changes in your life.