Merging the Light and Dark Energies

Merging the Light and Dark Energies

Merging Light and Dark Energies

In order to fully embody the higher aspects of your soul you must first learn to embrace and integrate the darker parts of your inner world. Moving through and healing the darker parts within gives you a depth of being that you can not experience otherwise.

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Some people on the Spiritual Awakening path may try and ignore or overlook this aspect of their personality thinking that the dark is an undesirable aspect of themselves. To become fully light we must merge with and completely feel our inner darkness. For some in the beginning stages of the process, or because of denial may act as if this darkness doesn’t exist within them.  Through much self observation you will discover that just under the top layers of your “happy” persona is a storehouse of unresolved emotions that must be felt, acknowledged, and allowed. This is necessary for true and lasting happiness.  Deep within lies years upon years of hurt, pain and other unexpressed emotions. Once you decide you are going to face these things, then they will start to move upwards for healing and become integrated into who you are. You may find that you are not so “happy” anymore, but more balanced as the light and dark merge into ONE. 

Acceptance is a key ingredient in allowing this process to take place. When you deny the darkness within you, more becomes built on top of it so you will unknowingly just keep adding to length of time it will take to heal.  This is the main reasons for mental illness, that energy must be transmuted otherwise it gets stuck and projects itself into the outer world as circumstances. Once that occurs it becomes much more difficult for the person to have control over what is happening. All of these phobias and so called metal health issues all stem from people not transmuting this and allowing the energy to be released. 

There are both polarities here on Earth and by accepting them both for what they are enables us to feel the depths of the light as well as the  dark. If you want to really merge with your higher self, transmutation of the darker energies is required. The more people that face the darker parts of their inner self, the more peace will be present on the planet. Instead of people acting out through past emotional pain they will have a deeper understanding of what is happening and will think before reacting. When you wall off uncomfortable feelings you in turn keep these things within you and they grow over time.  

Plunge the depths of your subconscious mind to truly discover what is there and what jewels you may bring back up. You will find beautiful qualities within you that you never knew existed and at the same time create a real sense of love and confidence within that was not present before. 

 This is painful, but is an integral part of the Spiritual Awakening process. This will feel worse when you are in the midst of the Dark Night of the Soul,  but will be a continual process as you follow your path of growth, awareness, and awakening.