Matching the Frequency of Your Dream

Matching the Frequency of Your Dream

Match Your Dream

We all have dreams, a vision that we would like to create for our lives. Unless of course you are someone who is already living your dream and then you are wanting to dream bigger. The key to manifesting the things we would like to create is to “match the frequency of it.”

Matching the frequency of a desire is often times difficult to do, but is easy when you learn the technique. We can have anything that our heart desires once we match the FEELING of it and do it long enough until it becomes a habit. Once this is done our dream will be right there in front of us! Why then is this difficult when it seems so easy? This is because once we state our desire, by writing it down or just thinking about it in our mind, we often look around us and see that we are not there yet. When we go about our daily lives and think about all the ways that we can achieve our dreams with hard work we often become overwhelmed and think it will either take a really long time to achieve or never happen at all. This creates a negative feeling instead of a positive one in relation to our desires. So how exactly do we stay positive when thinking about our dream, when all around us is the opposite of what we want?

The key is to keep our emotions and thoughts highly positive. We must have faith in the universe that when we ask for something and feel really excited and happy about it, it is in fact on its way to us. When we feel any negative emotion our dream is actually moving further away. Even if our negativity isn’t in regards to what we are trying to create, we are still pushing our dreams away.  The universe gifts to those that are grateful and happy. So what do we do when we look around and notice we are so far away? Maybe we are in a job that is dissatisfying, a relationship that should have ended a long time ago, or we do not have the money we need to start this venture?

First is become very clear about what it is we would like to have. It can be anything, the universe is infinite and anything is possible. Write down your ideal life and dream and keep it with you always. Read it in the morning and at night before going to bed. Create a beautiful vision board with pictures of your dream. Hang this on your wall where you can see it all the time!

Next, the most IMPORTANT step is to keep our emotions very positive. The main thing to remember is to be happy all the time. Take a walk, drink some tea, talk to a friend about what you are creating, take a long relaxing bath, or listen to some beautiful music. While thinking or meditating about this dream ask yourself how you feel. THIS IS THE FREQUENCY OR EMOTION YOU ARE TRYING TO MATCH! Like I said before if we could just feel that feeling all day long, our dreams would manifest so quickly it’s amazing!

One thing I would like to point out is that people most of the time get really upset or unhappy when thinking about their dreams. One reason is our preconditioned way of thinking about things. We look at our goal and try to make a step by step plan to get there. We see there is so much to do and it seems so impossible. So we give up. The reality is the universe is INFINITE, it can bring us what we want INSTANTLY, if we are a match in frequency. So it isn’t about what we have to do to make it happen, only how we are feeling about making it happen.

After we start raising our vibration to a higher level we will start to see “signs” that our dream has been heard by the Universe and the Angels! Everywhere we go and everyone we talk to will confirm that we are on the right path. If we are really happy and positive and feeling like we were already living it then it will be ours in as little as a month! Think of it this way, if we feel now like we would then, when we receive it, then it has to be here. This is so easy. Embody it. Become it. Speak it. We already are it. If we can dream it then it means we were meant to have it and it will without a doubt be ours!