Making Choices that Bring You Greater Long Term Happiness

Making Choices that Bring You Greater Long Term Happiness


Your entire life is made up of many small choices you make on a daily basis. This is the sum total of your life. Your day to day routine is what your life becomes with time.

What do you do every day? Are there things you would change or like to get better at? If so, it will require patience and persistence.

The small choices you make every day become your habits. Your habits are extremely important if you want to make your life the happiest it can be.

Habits can be difficult to change because they are cemented into your life and are running on auto pilot. Once something becomes automatic it can be difficult to change.

To make a lasting change in your life, you must persevere with your new habit even if you dont feel like doing it because you will eventually break through your stuck point and gain momentum.  Once this happens, usually within three months, you will have a new routine that happens whether you think about it or not.

Every time you try and create a new habit you will most definitely come up against a lot of resistance. You have become stuck in your old ways and when you try and change you will be pulled back into doing what you are used to. It’s important that you understand you will feel worse before you feel better so always continue to challenge yourself to be the very best that you can be.

You won’t feel good about yourself or your life if you are settling for instant gratification. If you stay on track and continue with your better choices your life will improve greatly and you will feel happy every day. Always push yourself to be the best that you can be in the moment.

If your life isn’t working for you right now, take a look at the actions you take every day. This will give you valuable insight as to why it’s not where you would like for it to be. We have just become accustomed to doing things that take us in the wrong direction from where we are wanting to go. .

Make a list of the most important three habits you wish to implement into your life starting today. These new habits can be small, but if you keep at them, they will have a huge impact on your life.  Make sure not to overwhelm yourself, try something a little bit outside your comfort level, but not too much.

Remember that you may not see the actual evidence of the changes you are making for a while, but once it happens it will be so automatic, it will be a part of your life. Never give up.

Be in every moment fully. Be present with everything that you are doing. Become one with everything. Your life is meant to be enjoyed.