Make Your Own Miracle Journal

 Make Your Own Miracle Journal

Miracle Journal

Making your own Miracle Journal will help you to create your dreams in an easy and relaxed manner.

Watch the Video HERE.

The purpose of this journal is so you can look around you and try to find all of the miracles in your life right now. It raises your vibration by putting you in a happy, grateful, and miracle minded mood.

It is from this mood that you attract abundance and good things to you. Everything that you have ever wanted is right there ready to come to you, but you must be in vibrational alignment with it.

When you become happy and start seeking out miracles, the more they come to you, until Miracles are all that surround you!

Keep this journal with you all the time and write anything in it that you can think of that is positive or is something that shows you that the Universe is indeed bringing your dreams to you faster than you even realize!

Instructions on how to make

1. Regular notebook of any kind or color

2. Cover both sides of your journal with pictures from magazines or printed from the computer

3. Glue pictures on your notebook

4. Get creative add glitter, ribbon, and stickers for added sparkle

5. Type your ideal dream on the computer and print (you can also hand write it) glue on the back side of the front cover to remind you of your dreams.

6. Put a date on each of your pages and begin writing all the miracles and positive things you can think of. You can also write all the things you are grateful for!

Miracle Journal2

Here is a picture of the back of my Miracle Journal. These are so fun to make! It will remind you to always be on the lookout for miracles and it will attract to you so much positivity.