Make A Healing Crystal Elixir


How to Make A Healing Crystal Elixir

crystal elixirA Crystal Elixir is taking the healing properties of crystals and infusing them into water. After the water is infused with the crystals vibrational frequency it can then be used to promote and assist in healing.

Crystal Water and  Elixirs can be made in two different ways. One is the direct method, this involves placing the crystal directly into the water using a glass container with some kind of glass cover or saran wrap.  Place this in the sun or moon light for a few hours and then it will be done. You can also infuse the water with healing Reiki energy for added benefits. Using this method can be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing because some crystals can put of toxic metals into the water.  Most crystals from the quartz family are alright to use with the direct method.  This is a list of crystals you should be aware of when using the direct method.

Make sure your crystals are cleansed before using them. Crystals have healing properties that can be used for many different things.

The other method which is safer for a beginner would be the indirect method using double containers. Place clean pure water in a sealed glass container. Place the glass jar of water into a larger bowl of water with the crystals in it. You can place as many crystals as you want into the larger bowl, make sure you use just one kind of crystal for each elixir. Know what they do and the desired outcome you are trying to reach with their use. You can later blend the elixirs together to get your desired healing blend.  You can even place terminated quartz crystals around the outside of the bowl to amplify the energy towards the jar. Place saran wrap over the top of the bowl and the glass jar and set in the sunlight or moonlight for a few hours. After that the water will be infused with the crystalline energy, add Reiki energy for added benefits.

For the Crystal Water you can just place the infused crystal water in a dark glass bottle and you are done. This water should be used quickly within a couple of days.

For the Crystal Elixir place this crystal infused water into a small dark glass bottle using a dropper, filling it half way. Fill the other half of the bottle with 80 proof vodka or vinegar.

These are the ways in which you may use the Crystal Water and Elixirs.

  • Take 2-3 drops per day under tongue of the Crystal Elixir.
  • Water your plants with the Crystal Water.
  • Sip the Crystal Water throughout the day.
  • Place Gem Water into a spray bottle and spray around your energy field.
  • Put some Crystal Elixir in your bath water.
  • Place Crystal Elixir on your Chakras and Acupressure Points.