Magic-Just Be It

Magic- Just Be ITWhat is your greatest wish, dream, or desire? Think of it now and feel the feelings of joy it brings you. This is the feeling of joy you should feel all day until your third dimensional reality starts to resemble your greatest dream.

You already are what you wish to become. One of my favorite quotes is from Pasqual.

“You would not have sought me had you not already found me.”

This quote states that your ability to even dream what you want means it is already real in the spiritual realm and now your only job is to remain happy and full of gratitude until it appears in your outer reality.

Your soul, your inner knowing is very aware of what is needed to push you forward on your path. Your heart knows what you desire even if your logical mind is telling you that it cannot be done.

Many people get caught up in the hows and the whys of how to make their dreams real. There is a much easier way than trying to figure it all out intellectually.

The Universe is already trying to bring your desires to your doorstep and all you have to do is be grateful and happy until it arrives.

This is a process of unraveling the mind, of releasing the thought patterns and old ways of thinking that keep you trapped in the dark.

Being grateful for what you have right now is the quickest way to becoming what you desire. This isn’t an easy task as you look around you and see that everything is the same, but persist you must until the sun breaks free from behind the clouds.

I am going to share some specific techniques that I use so that you may more easily move into your desired reality. It is simple to do, but since you have lived a certain way for so long it may take some time for you to make it a habit in your daily life.

What you need to remember is that you don’t have to figure anything out, all you have to do is step into your happy natural state, your essence and do this consistently enough. Once you do that all of your dreams will come true as if by magic.

The Universe and your soul already know what you want so you don’t have to keep asking. You just have to step into alignment with it now and JUST BE IT!

Here are the ten techniques that will allow you to Just Be it:

Creative Visualization: This must be done in a way that really makes your dreams real. Think of one moment, one picture in your mind that represents a time that will happen once your dreams are fulfilled. This may take some time as you feel for the perfect image. Find one that make you feel really good and represents the thing as already happened. Do not make your visualization too long or it will lead your mind away from focusing on that one scene. After you have chosen the perfect scene, meditate on this one thing for 15 minutes three times a day until it becomes real in your life. You must be disciplined with this and do it every day. After your visualization session is complete, let it go and allow the Universe to bring it to you. You do not want to get yourself involved with the ways of the Universe, it is infinite so just let go and be happy, do things that bring you joy and soon your outer reality will soon match that of your visualized reality.

Keep a Miracle Journal: Keep a miracle journal with you all day. I keep a small notebook in my bag or some place I can reach it frequently so I can write down all the blessings as they come into my life. Once you start doing this you will see that so many things come it’s hard to write them all down. Your whole life soon become the miracle that you are desiring, you become it. One thing I love to do as well is to write down the evidence that what I am wanting is solidifying in my reality. When you begin writing in your miracle journal frequently enough you will see so many signs, synchronicities, and evidence that you are now stepping into your desired reality.

Letting go of worry, complaining, and negative thoughts: In order to have what you want you must let go of worry, complaining, and negative thoughts. All of these things say to yourself that you are not currently happy and you do not have what you want. The reality is that you really do already have what you want and the reason you are in this current place is so you can learn this lesson to just let go of wanting things to be different. If you worry it says, I don’t have what I want, so you get more of that in your life experience. This can take a while to master, but in every moment be aware and start changing things in that moment, let each negative or worry thought dissolve in the awareness of each new moment.

Act in alignment with your potential: How does the person in your visualization act? What are the attributes that this person has? Begin thinking about these or writing these attributes down so you have a good understanding of what they are. One by one start acting in your daily life in alignment with these attributes. Is that person healthy, at peace, happy, successful? Begin to find ways that you can act like this right now.

Treat your body well: Make sure that you are feeling physically healthy by eating healing foods, exercising, and practicing extraordinary self care. Take essential oil baths, walk in the beauty of nature, eat organic fresh fruits and vegetables, let go of addictions that are depleting your energy.

Be happy with what is: No matter what, even if things are happening that seem to be in contradiction to your desired reality, be completely OK with whatever is happening. The reason that some negative things could transpire is due to past negative thinking. These will soon go away if you remain consistent with being OK no matter what it looks like right now.

Breathe deeply: Taking deep breaths will help you tremendously with feeling into your divine self. Anytime you get overcome by intense emotions, breathe deeply and close your eyes. Ask yourself what this feeling is about and if you can allow yourself now to let it go. Do this process until you feel better. This little tip works wonders.

Positive words: Only speak positive words, watch yourself and make sure that you only speak words of magic and miracles, do not allow any words to pass from your lips that are negative in anyway. If other people are talking negatively or gossiping, leave the situation or just remain centered in your peaceful state. Do not engage in the negativity, attempt to change the subject to inspiration, abundance, and kindness.

Stay present in the now: There is no other time other than this moment. The future and the past all converge with the present. It is all one. Harness this energy and begin to act on the inspiration you are receiving right now. When you think too far into the future you start to feel overwhelmed. What makes you feel joy right now? Do that. You do not have to do those things you feel you have to do, until they feel easy. Life is filled with joy and ease once you become proficient with staying in the now and doing the next step that feels right for you.

Just Be it: Now that you know what to do, just be it. You wouldn’t have sought it had you not already found it, within yourself.

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