Living in the Now

being in the nowWhy is it that you are always trying to escape the present moment, focusing on the past or the future?

Of course you have heard that everything is in the now moment, and that is becoming even more obvious as time collapses into ONE past and future, all in the NOW.

It is natural for you to be focused on the past because as you heal from the your old thoughts, beliefs, judgments, feelings, patterns, and old ways of being you will feel them as if they are happening to you all over again. This is how emotional purging works.

If there are emotions trapped within the depths of your body, mind, and energy centers this will come up to be released and it will feel so painful almost as if the traumatic experience is happening to you once again. ┬áThis is happening on a large scale to many people, they are feeling worse than ever because all of this is releasing uncovering people’s true spiritual nature and gifts.

Think about what those emotions have done to you in the past, just sitting under the surface never being released. This has created a situation where you have disconnected from your body, mind, and soul in an attempt to not feel the pain. If these under lying emotions haven’t yet been released then in a sense you have been living in a superficial way. So remember as you are feeling intense pain from your past coming up to heal it is uncovering your true soul essence and it is grounding within your 3D earthly body. That is fascinating!

Think about what is actually going on here, it is beyond comprehension. Our physical 3D human bodies are becoming 5D. This is a process and takes some intricate work. So please do not be hard on yourself because you are doing everything right. Being in the now with past emotional pain is what actually helps it  release quickly and for good.

Sit within the pain to the best of your ability, let it burn away. Once you do this without resisting it and trying to be happy or going into avoidance, it will clear from your energetic body forever. It is natural for us to try and move away from our pain and that is why focusing your attention on the now moment is so important.

Another common thing that people do is they try and plan for the future all the time, so much so that they miss the opportunity of the now. From this place is where you can do all things. Whatever you are wanting in the future is already part of you now, that is why you can imagine it because it is you now. EMBODY IT!

The thing holding you back from fully accepting that you are already that is the past emotional pain that must be cleared and like I said before you could have been trying to escape that in some way. You may get scared of the now, feeling that there is too much to do, too much pain to clear and so you try and leave.

Don’t leave, stay here, be with yourself and learn to be intimate with this now moment. There is nothing to BE except for what you are right now and the Universe will never give you anything right NOW that you cannot handle.