Listening to and Honoring the Call of Your Soul

Listening to and Honoring the Call of Your Soul

Listening to the calling of your soul

Do you here a voice inside that is telling you that you are here to accomplish something spectacular? Does it keep calling you and do you continue to ignore it? This is the voice of your Soul. You are here to do great things and you must listen to this subtle, soft, still voice within. This voice is trying to pull you forward and magnetize exactly those things that you need in your life so you can bring forth your spectacular dreams.

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You may try pushing this voice back or hiding your heart behind a wall in order to keep it quiet. You may feel in fear that you may not be able to accomplish this great dream that your Soul is trying to bring out into the world. Of course, there are reasons you are not listening to your Soul. You may not want to disappoint your family by doing something different or may be scared that following your dreams will not pay the bills, yet even though all this fear does exist you MUST listen to your Soul anyway and let it guide you on this glorious journey. The one thing that I know for certain is, this voice will never go away, no matter how hard you try and hide from it or try to forget, it will always be there. So what do you do? You listen.

No one ever said that this was an easy path. Setting out to achieve your dreams, some of which have never been done before in this world, is one of the most difficult endeavors you will ever take on. One the other hand, if you don’t listen things will not work out properly, there will be a void like something is missing, your heart will not be singing, and you will become depressed. Following the call of your Soul will make you grow and in the process you will find strength that you never knew you had. This is so that you will become the powerful person you must be to bring your message out into the world.

Many people never follow their soul’s calling and end up doing what society tells them is the correct way to live. You know what is right for you and your soul is always trying to pull you in that direction. A certain amount of Faith is required and that comes from trusting in yourself and loving yourself enough to know that the powerful pull you feel towards your hopes, dreams, and wishes is valid and you deserve to have this happen.

Depending upon the amount of resistance you have will determine how difficult this process will be. Let go of negativity, let go of trying to hold back your true divinity, and let go of people not approving of you. Most people will not approve of what you are doing at first, they do not know any better, and they too are not listening to the call of their Soul. When you do not listen to your Soul you become cynical, rigid, limited, and depressed.

Write down in your journal what your Soul is trying to communicate with you. What is your greatest dream? What do you know you must bring into the world? What would you be doing every day if you could do anything? These are the questions you should write down and once you do, go from there making smaller present time goals in order to bring your dream into reality.

Don’t ever settle for less, you are a beautiful being! If things don’t currently seem right for you, then begin to do something different. Taking small steps daily in the right direction will make your dreams materialize. Once you have said yes to your Soul and stop resisting because of fear, the Universe will bring you what you need, always. Sometimes it doesn’t look like it will, but you must trust and have Faith. Humanity is in dire need of more people that will go against the norm and follow their hearts so we can create happiness, beauty, and love here on Earth. It CAN be done, I am a believer and you should be too.