How to Start a Spiritual Business

Earth AngelsOnce you have begun a spiritual awakening you may want to start a spiritual business. Not everyone who goes through a spiritual awakening will want to do this, but you may find that the work you were doing before is now unfulfilling and wish to create more meaning in your life. You will come to a realization that you have many skills, talents, gifts and abilities that are now needed on our ever expanding and evolving Earth. The people who are now awakening are the ones that will build the new structures, ones that have never been available before.

If you have a calling to use your talents and to set this up into the form of a business so that you may start doing what you love on a daily basis then I will give you some tips on how to do so.

 Feeling Balanced- You must be feeling somewhat balanced in order to begin a spiritual business because you will be dealing with many different kinds of energies. It is not ideal to begin when you are still healing and in the midst of a dark night of the soul. You will still be able to get ideas during this time so write them down and keep them in a special notebook. When things feel more balanced you will know and then you can proceed forward. This doesn’t mean that you have to be completely healed because that is unrealistic for anyone, but you must be able to show some sort of stability.

Be  Good at What You Do- During your awakening you will discover many hidden talents, skills, and abilities that you didn’t know you had. These are the gifts that you will be utilizing in your business. Often times it will be that you still feel a little uncomfortable in sharing your gifts with other and need some more experience before you can start doing it as a profession. If this is the case practice your skills on other people, friends, family, or anyone who may want to receive what you have to offer. This will allow you to get feedback and to practice. You may also want to get some training in the field of your choice. You can do that in many ways without going to an actual school. You can watch YouTube videos, go to meetup groups, and attend workshops. This will enable you to meet people with similar interests so that you can talk about ideas and experiences.

Create a Website- Creating a website is something that can take awhile so you may begin to start doing this before you are actually ready to start your business fully. There are many easy website design companies where you can just drag elements onto your pages to get the look that you want for your site. You can start a blog on your website where you talk about the experiences you are having and eventually get a following that will want your services when they become available. There are also many tutorial videos online where you can learn how to build a website.

Be Consistent- Being consistent is a must if you want to start any kind of business you must manage your time appropriately. You will have people writing to you a lot and you must be available for them. If you write blogs it is a good idea to make sure you write one every single week or even two per week. This helps people to know that you are going to always be there and they can depend on your. This builds trust and that is very important in any business. You will also see steady growth over time when you are consistent. Any new business takes a little while to get going so start doing small things in your spare time and you will see if you give it energy, it will grow.

Network with Others- Networking with others is an important component of starting a business. You can start a Facebook and Twitter page for your business and post things regularly. Let people know what you are doing and post things that interest you. Over time you will meet people online that share similar interests and they will be very helpful to the growth of your spiritual business.

With everything else going on during your spiritual awakening it can be a challenge to try and figure out how to begin a business to. If you would like help starting your spiritual business I can offer guidance for that.

Schedule a Spiritual Business Consultation– This session will help you to get clear about what your skills are and how to transform those talents into a business. You will be doing what you love and helping the world awaken at the same time.

Schedule a Spiritual Guidance Session– This session will help you to understand what you are going through and will get you on the right path towards your purpose and mission.

Schedule a Distance Energetic Healing Session– This session will enable you to balance and harmonize your chakras so you will feel more empowered and harmonious.  You may also have cords that need to be removed that are connected to other people who are draining your energy.

Schedule a DNA Activation– This session will reset your DNA back to it’s intended state and will allow your body to heal things from the past that may be causing you a delay in reaching your highest potential.

Schedule an Intuitive Guidance Session– This session is done through email so you may ask two specific questions that you are wanting to receive guidance about. This is a good choice for someone just wanting general guidance without connecting through the phone or Skype.

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