How to Reach All of Your Aspirations in 2015

Reach Your Dreams2015 is set to be a fantastic New Year! The energy feels magical and I sense that many blessings and wonderful new beginnings are heading our way!

In numerology 2015 is an eight year. Eight is prosperity, abundance, and represents the infinity symbol. This means that anything is possible and many things can manifest if you have the correct beliefs when starting out in this New Year.

You may have many aspirations, goals, or dreams that you would like to see manifested, but sense that it could be a repeat of prior years when you couldn’t quite accomplish what you set out to do. Why do many of these well set intentions fail within the few months of the New Year? That is exactly why I wrote this blog.

How can you reach some of those more difficult to attain dreams? Many of which you may have had for many years and since you have not been able to achieve them, you have in a sense given up and may have fooled yourself into thinking that you don’t actually want them anyway.

I am excited to share with you a book that may in fact help you with realizing some of your longer held goals and wishes, things that may have eluded you up to this point. A friend recommended that I read this and it truly has a great system that will take you directly to where you want to be in terms of your true inner beliefs.

The book is called: “Why Quantum Physicists Play Grow a Greater You.”

You can press on the link and it will take you directly to the page where you can download it on Kindle. If you do not want to purchase it, I will explain a little bit about why and how this works, although my highest recommendation would be to purchase the book.

You may have noticed that there are some things that come easy for you to accomplish, while there might be a couple of things that are very difficult. Even though these things may be hard for you, you may see that others have an easy time with achieving those things. The reason for this isn’t because some of us are better at some things than others, but mostly that our beliefs around certain things have been so ingrained within our subconscious mind that our expectations do not align with our dreams. So you may keep trying, doing every action you know to do, but you still fail because on an inner level you expect to.

Since the subconscious mind is near impossible to reach and our beliefs have taken hold from a very early age, there is a method that you can use to help you slowly and methodically begin changing these ingrained beliefs and expectations.

What you do first is choose the biggest dream you have, the one that has been with you for a really long time and has not as of yet manifested in your physical reality.

You will then write about your feelings in regards to it not having happened yet, but be completely honest. Do not write about what you wish to happen, but the reality of what is actually happening and how you feel about that.  I like that he mentions in the book that although you are writing about your dream in a way that makes it feel quite negative, you have to be real if you want to coax your subconscious into better felling beliefs in this area with time.

What happens is that we tell ourselves how we wish for something to be in our lives, however no amount of positive thinking will actually change the underlying beliefs that are out of reach. So be real.

After you write all of the ways in which you feel badly about your desire not happening yet, you then look at the emotional guidance chart to see where you fall. This chart can be found in Greg’s book.


  1. Love/Ecstasy
  2. Joy/Elation
  3. Ease/Power
  4. Confidence/Inspiration
  5. Excitement/Passion
  6. Anticipation/Eagerness
  7. Enthusiasm/Ambition
  8. Hopefulness/Optimism
  9. Interest/Inquisitiveness
  10. Acceptance/Peace
  11. Introspection/Contemplation
  12. Pensiveness/Melancholy
  13. Indifference/Apathy
  14. Unease/Discontent
  15. Frustration/Aggravation
  16. Worry/Nervousness
  17. Doubt/Pessimism
  18. Anger/Blame
  19. Anxiety/Fear
  20. Grief/Desolation
  21. Despair/Worthlessness
  22. Powerlessness/Dejection
  23. Depression/Hopelessness


Find out which emotions you are having about your desire on a regular basis, how you really feel. Then you start there. You write about how it feels to live within that perspective for a whole day. Write about it a few times a day if you can in a journal, on your computer, or phone, but live these feelings in regards to your topic for that whole day.

The next day move up to the next higher set of emotions and write in length what it feels like to live in those emotions? Be completely honest with yourself and do not move up to the next higher one until you feel certain you can actually FEEL yourself in the new higher emotions.

Do this slowly and take as much time as you need to feel each set of emotions entirely. This will tell your subconscious mind that this is actually believable and you are not trying to trick it into something that isn’t possible at all.

I really wanted to share this technique with you because I do feel it will work for you. So try it on some of your new 2015 aspirations and see if it works. You actually have nothing to lose. I am wishing you the most prosperous, happy, and magical 2015 ever!

If you need support and guidance in realizing your aspirations for 2015 schedule a session with me.