How to Manifest Your Dreams and Desires Quickly and Easily

How to Manifest Your Dreams and Desires Quickly and Easily

manifest your dreams

“Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find,
knock and it shall be opened unto you.” ~The Bible, Mathew 7:7

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There are ways to manifest your dreams easily and I will write these below. These are techniques that I have used before and have been proven to work for me.

1. Fill your mind with the beautiful dreams you wish to create.
Visualize what you would like in your life for 5 minute per day. Make it a vivid picture be very clear about what you want to manifest. This technique REALLY WORKS if done correctly and exactly like I have written here.

a. Write your dream down on paper so you have that which you will create clearly written, make a vision or dream board with pictures and quotes that are inspirational and inspiring, commit a short affirmation to memory and recite it often.
b. After your regular mediation 15-20 minutes, while you are relaxed; therefore, lowering your resistance, Envision Yourself in real time living in your dream. This can also be done right before sleep or upon waking when in the Alpha state. The key is be in a calm sate letting go of any resistant thoughts you may have about your dream. Do this every day regularly preferably at the same time and your dream will grow and become more vivid and will then trigger your optimistic and positive emotions.

c. You must make this your top priority and if you want something bad enough it will come, but you must also let go of resistance do not think about things like what if I don’t get it. Do this 1-3 times per day and eventually your dreams will come true!

2. Let it go, surrender your dream to the Universe, do not think about it and go about your day as you normally would. If you do happen to think about what you would like to manifest, be in a positive uplifted mood, if you are not then do not think about your dream because it will reverse the process because of your negative thoughts about it. If you find yourself in a situation where you are being negative, do something nice for yourself, go for a walk, meditate, take a bath, go to the spa, read a book, whatever will make you feel better will bring you out of that state. When you feel better then you can think about how wonderful it will be to have what you wish for.

3. Know that when it appears that things are being taken away from you or worse things seem to happen, this is just the Universe adjusting itself to your requests. This is the clearing process that must take place for you to have what you want. We can never figure out all the ways in which the Universe will bring us our desires that is why we must have faith. All we have to know is that it is coming in perfect time. Do not get discouraged; remember negative thinking keeps you in a negative place. Do the things you love. Make a LOVE list of all the things you love to do and keep it handy for you to observe often.

4. Know that there may be a waiting period as you become aligned to the vibration of your desires. You must become “one” with your dreams. Patience and trust is key. Be happy in the meantime and all will be well.

5. Manifesting is 90% your mental/emotional state and %10 actual work. To BECOME what you want to manifest you must FEEL what it would be like to be that kind of person. Learn from people who have already achieved what you would like to. Hang around places they go and watch how they behave.