How to Ground Your Spiritual Energy

How to Ground Your Spiritual Energy

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It requires extra effort to ground your energy when you are a spiritual person or going through a spiritual awakening. When you are opening up to higher spiritual awareness and downloading many different frequencies of energy, you must be completely grounded to the Earth in order to not burn out your system. There are ways to physically ground so you will be calm and centered and be able to speak your Soul’s message with clarity and confidence.

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When you are ungrounded you will pick up thoughts and feelings from your surroundings that do not belong to you. You will feel off balance and your energy will be anxious. This is an issue for people who are extremely empathetic. I have had an issue with this for most of my life, so I have had to learn ways to ground myself so that I can transmit my message truthfully and clearly. If you are picking up messages from other people, your thinking will be conflicted and these thoughts will not be in alignment with your true thoughts. You do not want to be picking up messages from the collective because these messages can be misguided. Your inner guidance will speak to you in a very powerful way when you are centered and grounded.

Over the years I have talked with many healers and spiritually aware people and have asked them how they ground their energy. I have never been given an answer that has satisfied me or has actually worked. Their main suggestion has always included a visualization method of connecting some sort of cord to the core of the Earth or putting up an imaginary force field around the body to protect it. If you are completely calm and grounded you do not need these kinds of techniques because negativity and psychic vampires are not attracted to someone who is confident in their spiritual power. Being very strong in your own inner knowing automatically repels such energies.

I am not discounting the fact that there are hard things going on in the world they will affect you if you are an empathic person, but if you are grounded you will have a much easier time being a solution to the problem rather than allowing these energies to overcome you.

These techniques are taken from years of experience trying to ground my own energy and higher self into my physical body. The grounding techniques below are all based in the physical realm in order to bring your spiritual awareness into everyday life.


Breathing: It sounds simple, but breathing and breath work will allow your body to completely relax and bring about an inner calmness to your entire being. Sitting for a while before meditation and breathing in deeply through the nose and out through the mouth will do wonders for your overall sense of feeling grounded.

Meditation: Meditation is the most direct way to calm the mind and body, allowing all thoughts to pass through without letting them impact your inner state of well-being. Practice at least 20 minutes per day for best results.

Yoga: Practicing Yoga regularly, at least 3 times per week, will have a dramatic effect on your overall well-being. With just this practice alone you will move throughout your day with more confidence and the ability to ground your own personal energy. Allow yourself to really FEEL what it’s like to be in your body.

Running, Jogging, or Walking: This is a great way to allow your energy field to remove any unwanted debris that it may have gathered from your environment. Running creates a cleansing effect that clears the mind, body, and spirit. Add this to your weekly routine and see a huge improvement in your ability to ground.

Eating Grounding Foods: When you are feeling like you are floating and up in the clouds, eat foods that will ground you to the Earth. If you are a raw vegan like me you may want to eat a raw soup with many root vegetables in it because root vegetables are grown underground and have a very grounding energy signature. Avocados, dark leafy greens, nuts and seeds, or olive oil will also help you to ground your energy.

Cut Back on or Eliminate Caffeine: Caffeine can have an adverse effect on your nervous system; it will be hard to relax and remain calm if you are drinking coffee, tea, or soda too often. Allow yourself to enjoy it occasionally, but do not overdo it.

Take a Sea Salt Bath: This will help your body and auric field to clear itself. Salt has the ability to draw things out so it will remove energies and thought patterns that do not belong to you and center you in your own brilliant light field. These baths will also draw out toxins from the body. Sea Salt also has negative ions which will allow you stay calm and grounded more easily. Add some lavender essential oil for an extra calming effect. Olive oil can be added as well to keep your skin hydrated.

Walk Bare Foot on the Earth: What better way to get the Earth’s grounded energy than to feel the actual ground beneath your bare feet. Being out in Nature will improve your overall mood and energy and connect you to the natural rhythm of true inner being.

Get a Grounding Crystal to Keep With You: Crystals can be helpful companions if you want to feel grounded when you are out and cannot do other techniques. My favorite crystal that works well with my energy is Chrysocolla, but there are so many others to choose from. You can carry your crystal with you in your bag, pocket, or wear it as a piece of jewelry.

Play Soft and Calming Music: Purchase yourself a relaxing music CD that you can play when you would like to calm and ground yourself. There are also many spiritual music options on YouTube. Play this music when you are doing anything like household chores, paperwork, or just to have on as background music. This simple exercise will bring you more harmony, peace, and calmness.

These are some practical ways to ground your energy and at the same time still speak your Spiritual Message. You are here to implement change and bring healing energy to other people and the Earth, if you are off in LaLa Land, no one will be able to relate with you in any kind of real way. People who are here that do not understand spiritual subjects will not understand you and become annoyed. Spiritual insights must be grounded in order to be understood here on Earth.