How to Develop and Strengthen Your Psychic Abilities

How to Develop and Strengthen Your Psychic Abilities

Psychic Abilities

First of all EVERYONE is psychic. Some people are just clearer, more centered and open to allowing it than others.

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We all feel energy and can tune into people’s thoughts and feelings at will. By listening to your gut feeling you will become better at this. This is called a gut feeling because it is located right around your HARA center. The HARA point is located around the 3rd Chakra and brings in psychic information from the outside. You know when people are expressing negativity because your psychic signal picks up on it. That is why you will cross your arms over your HARA center.  This is where we feel psychic information and also why our stomach may not feel well when something is off.

Psychic thoughts and awareness can only come through clearly if you are in a calm state, similar to that of mediation, if fact meditation is a very good way to open up your psychic abilities because it puts you in that subtle vibration of KNOWING.

I will get intuitive thoughts about someone or something that will just cross into my mind my mind gently and calmly. This is when another person is thinking about me, but if I am stressing and worrying about someone they are not necessarily thinking about me, it is my own emotional issue needing to be cleared. This is how you can tell if the thoughts you are receiving are truly psychic or not, by how they FEEL.

Another thing to be aware of is when you are feeling really off, but everything seems to be going fairly well in your life.  You might be tuning into a loved one’s thoughts and feelings, you are only feeling off because they are. You must try and guard yourself from this by doing some grounding techniques or by putting up some sort of defense mechanism. This happens mostly to people who are extremely sensitive and empathic.

Psychic attack can happen, but your own frequency of energy must be in a similar state to that of your supposed attacker. If you are picking up on things from out in the world that are unkind or you feel you are being attacked, it could be you are purging emotions and outdated thought forms. You will still pick up on negative things when you are in a calm and peaceful state, but they will not have an impact on you. You will just observe them and then let them go.

Many times if you are feeling like you are being judgmental towards someone it could just mean that you are intuitively picking up on how they are feeling about themselves. When you just walk by someone you will get a “feel” for their energy signature and all the judgments they have about themselves and what they are currently going through. Do not feel bad that you are having negative thoughts about them, you are just picking up on how they feel about themselves.

Psychics will pick up on things you already have in your energy field. Things you are thinking about and feeling are all transmitted out for all to see, feel, and hear depending upon how you pick up on psychic energy. Do not let a supposed psychic tell you what your future will be because anything can be changed or brought into being, we live in a fluid reality.  No psychic reading is EVER set in stone. Anyone at any time can change their life, the possibilities are endless. Some psychics may use your fears and insecurities against you for profit. Do not fall for that, go within and trust yourself and your inner guidance. It is never wrong as long as you are hearing it correctly.

Ways to develop your Psychic Ability:

1. Meditate; be in a calm state most of the time. You have to be in a calm state in order to pick up on the different subtle frequencies.

2. Crystals can be helpful in allowing you more ability to feel, see, and hear psychic information. Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Tigers Eye (for grounding and protection), and Danubrite (helps by opening 3rd and Crown Chakras)

3. Practice, write down any times that your psychic abilities were correct and keep this in a journal. This will help to train your mind to be open to allowing your psychic abilities.

4. Try to find a partner who you can send or receive psychic signals and keep practicing with them until you become good.

5. Work with the 3rd Eye and Crown Chakras making sure they are spinning and functioning properly.