How To Check Your Biorhythms

How To Check Your Biorhythms


Everything in the Universe is based on cycles, the moon, the seasons, and even our emotions have different cycles. Within these cycles are the rhythms of new/full, winter/summer, and high/low. It is helpful for us to be aligned with the different cycles so that we will flow in harmony with nature and feel less resistance and stress.

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I have been checking my Biorhythms for years now and am prepared and plan things according to these cycles. Biorhythms are based on western scientific theory mixed with some oriental philosophy. There are three cycles that have an impact our lives. These are physical, emotional, and intellectual. When you are born these Biorhythms are set at a middle point and then fluctuate by moving up or down throughout our lifetime. When the Biorhythms are positive numbers (0-100+) this is a time when these areas will be enhanced, when these numbers are negative (0-100-) this is when things will be challenging in these areas.

If you have an understanding of these cycles you will be able to better manage your life. It will be helpful to plan things like tests and important dates according to when your intelligence and mood will be higher. If your emotional Biorhythms are low, then you will feel emotionally down and it will be more difficult to feel positive. If your physical Biorhythms are low it will be more difficult to play well in sports. The same goes for the intellectual Biorhythm, it will be more difficult to do well in school when these are low. The opposite is of course true, when your Biorhythms are high then it will be very easy for you to feel happy, perform physically at your best capacity, and to mentally understand new concepts.

Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual Biorhythms all have a different time frame for how long they take to complete a cycle.

The Physical Cycle takes 23 days to complete.  Men can relate to this cycle the best because it governs over physical strength. It also can determine how well your immune system will function, how tired you will be, and how well you will exercise that day.  It would be best to schedule your athletic events on the high cycles of this Biorhythm.

The Emotional Cycle takes 28 days to complete. Women are more in tune with this cycle. Cycles of the moon and women’s menstrual cycles are also 28 days. This Biorhythm will have an impact on your emotions, moods, creativity, and being in a positive frame of mind. You will want to be around people you love when this cycle is high and possibly have more time to yourself when you are feeling low in this area.

The Intellectual Cycle takes 33 days to complete. This Biorhythm controls your thought process, how well you retain information, how clear your thinking is, judgment, reasoning, and your ability to make decisions and to stay alert. Obviously the best time to take an exam is when your Biorhythms are high in this area.

You cannot always do or plan things when your Biorhythms are high, but you can be prepared knowing why you may not feel as well as you would like. You should also know in advance to take extra good care of yourself when you are feeling low.

You can find out what your Biorhythms are HERE. You can also download an app on your phone so you will always know the Biorhythms of yourself, your family, and your friends.