Heart Light Connections

Heart LightHeart Light Connections are becoming more important as we move further into the new ways of living that support a higher dimensional love on Earth.

What is  a heart light connection?

It’s a connection that you feel as you spiral Radiant Love Energy from your Heart chakra to another’s Heart chakra. You may have already had an experience where you felt the Love Radiating out of your Heart and connecting with another’s Heart.

The point in the middle between the Two Hearts is the Heart Light.  It’s a small magenta orb of Brilliant Sparkling  Energy. The energy that is created when the connection happens  is a Vortex of Divine Love and has a magnified impact on the world.

Two Hearts combined as ONE has Exponential Powers. Can you imagine all the Heart Lights  making connections around the planet? Tiny points of light all connecting to each other setting the light aglow with LOVE!

You will never waste energy when you create these connections because every drop of Love that Emanates from Heart Light Connections adds to the Earth’s Higher Dimensional Love Quotient.

You may have stronger heart light connections with some than others, however each is special and important.

You may make a connection at the store, with your animal, or your children it doesn’t matter who, just keep trying to create the connections. It will enable other’s hearts to open as well. The more love you send out the more you awaken love in others.

The world is shifting and love is always the answer.

Whenever you give out love it returns to you in abundance and is eternal.

Everywhere you go make it an important part of your day to create these connections. Watch as your heart fills up with more love.

When you begin loving all the time, everything around you,  more is opened up for you to use. Soon you realize that there is an eternal fountain of love and it emanates straight from your heart and everyone has access to this within themselves at any moment.

This is who you really are. This is your TRUTH.