Heal Your Allergies Naturally

Heal Your Allergies Naturally

Heal Allergies

Many people suffer with allergies. Even people that are on a healthy diet and exercise daily can still be affected. The causes for allergies are not that well known, but if your immune system thinks that something is an invader or could possibly make you sick, it will attack the invader. When this attack happens, histamine is released and this causes the allergic reaction.

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If you are one of the people who suffers from seasonal allergies here are some ways that you can help your body adjust in a more balanced way.

  • Eat a whole and living raw food diet, low fat if possible.
  • Exercise daily, get your heart pumping.
  • Take 1 tablespoon of flax seed oil daily.
  •  Drink Nettle tea or take an herbal Stinging Nettle supplement.
  •  Drink Echinacea tea or take an herbal Echinacea supplement.
  • Eating Local Honey has also been known to help people with allergies.
  •  Sleep well and try to stay as stress free as possible.
  • Drink 32 oz. of water at least twice per day, once in the morning and once in the late afternoon.

Hopefully some of these tips help you, they helped me so I thought I would share the information.