Sound Healing

Sound HealingSound healing uses the power of sound vibration to restore the body to a state of balance and harmony. Everything in the Universe is vibration and if you use certain vibrational tones, healing occurs in the body and energy field. This works through resonance and harmonics, when specific sound vibrations are played, distorted energy patterns can be restored to balance.  You know how you feel very uplifted when you hear beautiful music or when you go to a concert and the music moves you. This is sound healing at work. Sound healing and music have been used to promote relaxation throughout the body which in turn greatly improves the immune system. This is how sound heals, the body heals itself once it is in a relaxed state.

Everyone has a soul tone, or frequency so finding the sound that you resonate with the most will bring the most healing to you.

There are many different ways that you can use sound healing in your life. You can use sound healing to balance the chakras. You can use the Mi Tuning Fork (this can be found in my amazon shop)  to heal your DNA.

Chanting is a form of sound healing by singing “Nam mya ho ren ge kyo” you can gain enlightenment and bring in prosperity.  Chanting is also a way that you can resonate your body with your voice. It is a very powerful technique for bring calmness and awareness to the body. 


The chakras respond to different notes these can be used for healing.

Root– Base of the spine- Note C

Sacral– Lower abdomen- Note D

Solar Plexus– Belly area- Note E

Heart– Heart- Note  F

Throat– Throat- Note G

3rd Eye– Between brows- Note A

Crown– Top of head- Note B

Crystal Bowls are used for for the purpose of sound healing. They are made of quartz crystal and they emit a very resonant sound vibration. The bigger the bowl the longer lasting the sound. Rubber mallets or suede covered wands are used to play the sounds of the crystal bowls. These bowls help a person achieve a relaxed meditative state.

If you need more guidance in any of these areas you can:

Schedule a Spiritual Guidance Session– This session will help you to understand what you are going through and will get you on the right path towards your purpose and mission.

Schedule a Distance Energetic Healing Session– This session will enable you to balance and harmonize your chakras so you will feel more empowered and harmonious. You may also have cords that need to be removed that are connected to other people who are draining your energy.

Schedule a DNA Activation– This session will reset your DNA back to it’s intended state and will allow your body to heal things from the past that may be causing you a delay in reaching your highest potential.

Schedule an Intuitive Guidance Session– This session is done through email so you may ask two specific questions that you are wanting to receive guidance about. This is a good choice for someone just wanting general guidance without connecting through the phone or Skype.

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