Crystal Healing

Chakra Crystal

Crystals have been used since ancient times for their many benefits and healing properties. Crystals can heal you because they have a very balanced harmonic vibration.  When a person tunes into a crystals energy they can attune themselves to this harmony.  This is the same as when a healer “heals” someone. They do not actually heal the patient, the patient tunes into the healer’s balanced and healthy state of being and are healed as a result. This is through something called resonance. There are many forms of healing that someone may use during their spiritual awakening and crystals are one of the easiest and quickest ways to feel some relief fast. All that is needed is to find out what you would like to heal first and concentrate on that specific thing. Find a crystal that works with the condition you are experiencing. You can do a search online for your symptoms and what crystal works best with that. You can also make your own healing crystal elixirs. Some of the crystals that I have worked with and have done videos on are-

Amethyst- Amethyst is one of my favorite crystals. I have many pieces of it around my home. It brings me a feeling of tranquility and peace. It will definitely make me feel more at ease if I have any sort of anxiety at all. It has a beautiful color. Amethyst has many healing properties.

Chrysocolla-Whenever I feel ungrounded or would like help with my speaking abilities. I pick up this stone and hold it and feel its calming energy.  I also feel its wonderful benefits when I am feeling emotionally stressed. This stone has many healing properties.

Garnet- Garnet is a very powerful healing stone. Use it to enhance creativity, ground yourself, and connect spirit with the physical body. This stone has many other healing properties.

Clear Quartz- Quartz has many healing properties. This stone is called the Universal crystal because it has so many beneficial attributes. It amplifies energy making it great for manifesting your intentions.

This is only a short list of some crystals that I have had beneficial results with. You will want to experiment with crystals for yourself and decide which ones harmonize with you the best.

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If you would like more guidance with your spiritual awakening journey-

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Schedule a Distance Energetic Healing Session– This session will enable you to balance and harmonize your chakras so you will feel more empowered and harmonious. You may also have cords that need to be removed that are connected to other people who are draining your energy.

Schedule a DNA Activation– This session will reset your DNA back to it’s intended state and will allow your body to heal things from the past that may be causing you a delay in reaching your highest potential.

Schedule an Intuitive Guidance Session– This session is done through email so you may ask two specific questions that you are wanting to receive guidance about. This is a good choice for someone just wanting general guidance without connecting through the phone or Skype.

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