Chakra Balancing

Chakra Healing ImageHaving balanced chakras are very important for your spiritual growth. There are many reasons that the chakras may not be in their optimal state. If you are repressing your emotions by not allowing them to flow through you this can cause the energy to get blocked. They can also go out of alignment due to past injuries or trauma. The chakras are energy centers and respond to emotional energy so keeping your mental state happy is important.  Even the foods you eat and being unhealthy in general can cause your chakras to become unbalanced. Once this happens you should contact a reiki master or energy healer to re-balance your chakras. If your chakras are balanced you will feel more alive, able to communicate with higher realms, have a feeling of security and groundedness, and be able to speak effectively. These are only some of the benefits. Once you find out what you are having trouble with then you can figure out which chakra is being effected. Since all chakras are connected even one being out of balance will have an impact on all of them. Any of the spiritual healing modalities can help you heal your chakras. Using a MI tuning fork to heal your chakras can also be effective. You will find that crystals can heal many of the ailments that you are currently experiencing with your chakras. If you are looking for a description for which crystal helps with specific chakras I have written a blog about that. Use a healing crystal elixir with crystals that help the chakras for added benefits.

Here is a list of the different chakras and their functions.

1. Root Chakra (Red) (Base of Spine) – Survival, Physical Reality, Feeling Secure, Foundation, Early Childhood, and Grounding. Your ability to work happily and lovingly here in this physical plane.

2. Sacral Chakra (Orange) (Lower Abdomen) – Creativity, Dreams and Wishes, Intuition, Joy, New Experiences, Abundance and Devotion. Your ability to bring new creations and dreams into the world.

3. Solar Plexus (Yellow) (Upper Abdomen) – Will Power, Self Esteem, Manifesting Goals, Digestion, Self Confidence. Your ability to go out into the world and do what you want to do with confidence.

4. Heart (Green) (Center of Chest) – Sense of Love, Feeling Oneness with Others, Love That Is To Be Given in Service to Others, Joy, and Inner Peace. Some people hold old emotional wounds and trauma here and build walls around the heart. Your ability to love everyone and the Earth.

5. Throat (Blue) (Throat) – Communication, Speaking Your Truth, Expression of Feelings. This is your ability to understand what your mind and heart are trying to communicate and speaking it clearly and effectively.

6. Third Eye (Indigo) (In Between Eye Brows) – Psychic Ability, Visionary Experiences, Seeing Into The Future, Wisdom, Imagination. Your ability to clearly understand messages from people and future experiences clearly. Receiving clear signals and data from the higher dimensions.

7. Crown Chakra (Violet) (Top of Head) – Oneness with All, Pure Bliss, Connection with Our Spirituality. Your ability to connect fully and feel at peace with the infinite or God.

If you would like more information and guidance about your chakras or other spiritual awakening questions-

Schedule a Spiritual Guidance Session– This session will help you to understand what you are going through and will get you on the right path towards your purpose and mission.

Schedule a Distance Energetic Healing Session– This session will enable you to balance and harmonize your chakras so you will feel more empowered and harmonious. You may also have cords that need to be removed that are connected to other people who are draining your energy.

Schedule a DNA Activation– This session will reset your DNA back to it’s intended state and will allow your body to heal things from the past that may be causing you a delay in reaching your highest potential.

Schedule an Intuitive Guidance Session– This session is done through email so you may ask two specific questions that you are wanting to receive guidance about. This is a good choice for someone just wanting general guidance without connecting through the phone or Skype.

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