Feeling Lonely While Going Through a Spiritual Awakening

Feeling Lonely While Going Through a Spiritual Awakening

Feeling LOnely

 During a Spiritual Awakening you may feel scared, unsure, and all alone. Everything is changing so fast and the ground under your feet is shaky and it seems like no one around you understands.

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You may feel crazy when you try and explain what you are going through to others because people cannot relate. It is not their fault, they have not yet experienced what you have. Sometimes you may feel like it is just easier to keep quiet and not tell anyone what you are experiencing so they will stop thinking something is wrong with you. If you want my advice it is best to do just that. Staying to yourself while in this crucial time can be more beneficial to your overall growth then telling people about it when they could possibly say some very hurtful things to you.

When you are going through the intensity of a Spiritual Awakening and are feeling so many emotions coming up, you just want someone who you can talk to. You may find that no one is there for you. Your Higher Self is trying to help you learn to have faith, trust, and to surrender without knowing what is to come. There can be no distractions outside of yourself that will keep you from listening to your inner guidance. You may feel like you are jumping off of a cliff into a dark unknown abyss, but still you must trust in the process and in yourself.

Another thing you are learning is to have complete confidence in yourself. You do not need someone else to tell you how to think. You will be asked to give up everything, to believe in yourself and in the power of Spirit. The old way of living has come to an end and you are learning new things that will help you fulfill your mission. We are here to help humanity and to raise the vibrational frequency of the Earth. We must remove any emotional pain that we still have been holding onto and we must do this on our own.

Time alone is what is needed in order to be with yourself fully to really get to know who you truly are. You need to be lonely to hear that subtle voice within. So many messages, realizations, and epiphanies will come through in this alone time that you have, enjoy it. Being lonely is a gift and is part of the Spiritual Awakening process. There are so many things that happen during this time and you wouldn’t want to miss any of it by chatting aimlessly about random nonsense with others, or in trying to convince them of something they are unable to grasp right now. This will in fact stall your forward progress.

When you start to change and become more of your Light like nature, others will sense that you have figured out something wonderful and will want to learn these things too. You will then be an inspiration to others and your energy will help them to grow and become all that they can be. This is why you go through a Spiritual Awakening, you must become aware and when you do, others do too. You cannot do this backwards and try to help others before you have really helped yourself. You can begin to try out your new techniques and to start doing some of the work you came here to do, but that shouldn’t take away from the important healing work that must take place first. The reason for this is that people are going to listen to someone more if they are happy and seem as if what they are doing is actually working for them. If you are unstable, unsure, and vulnerable, which you will be at some point during your Awakening, most people will not believe what you are saying anyway.  

Move through this  time with the knowledge that you are being supported, guided, and you are loved so very much! As time goes by you will embody more and more of your highest self and realize the whole Universe resides within you.