Embracing Your Dark Side

Embracing Your Dark Side

Embrace dark side

In order to completely love all of yourself you must embrace both the light and dark sides. In this reality there are two polarities and we all have them both within us.

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Because most religions and spiritual practices teach us to either ignore or hold back our dark side we often times do not express it. Sometimes it may be that we feel our negative or dark feelings could bring others down.

Many things happen when we deny an aspect of ourselves. The first and most obvious thing is that we are not being honest and truthful about who we truly are. This means that we do not know our true selves and others do not know us either. Being true is a big step forward in embracing all that we are. Actions that people take to avoid who they are is running away, not being open and honest, and not being vulnerable with others.

When we embrace all that we are we can achieve great things. This enables us to be the highest version being we can be on this Earth. By allowing everything to be, we are no longer fighting against anything. This creates peace and wholeness.

All of us have good and bad traits, moods, situations. We must own these “dark” parts of ourselves and then we can feel the fullness of the infinite light that we are seeking.