Raw Beauty

DIYSkincareWhat does Raw Beauty mean?

It means using only raw vegan ingredients in my skin care products.

It means taking the best care of myself at all times. Putting my needs always at the forefront of my mind. It’s self-love. When I care about the way I feel and how I treat my body this allows me to be fully loving to others always.

Check in with yourself and make sure that you are really in your body. See if you can sit still and really feel what it feels like to be in this physical body. Now imagine yourself asking your body what it really needs. Whatever answer you get is what you should do, listen to your body it has infinite wisdom.

The more I listened to my body and started experiencing my emotions, I gained clarity about what made me feel the best. I began caring about how I felt and always looked for ways to feel even better.

While discovering myself, I realized there is absolutely no alternative to making sure you keep things as close to nature as possible. When things are processed they lose vital enzymes and nutrients. In a sense, we have somewhat lost touch with the power of nature. Nature is MAGICAL once we learn to tune in and flow with it’s gifts.

If you are on a raw food diet then you want to be feeding the outside of your skin the same nutrients that you are getting within your body.

Your skin absorbs everything you put on it, it’s part of you, an organ actually. Wouldn’t you feel great knowing that you are putting something alive, pure, and natural on your skin?

Not only that but using plant based skin care is so extremely nourishing and beautifying. You will look glowing and radiant once you start using raw skin care products.

If you combine eating raw foods with homemade raw skin care you will look much younger than your age. You will have a glowing complexion. This is also due to the fact that raw foods help you maintain a positive outlook on life so you will have less stress and feel energetic!

It gets even better! You can make these raw skin care products yourself, easily. It’s really is that simple.

I will continue to add recipes to this site so that you can get some ideas on how to make your own.

This is one of my most recent posts where I made a raw vegan Nourishing Moisture Mask.

Here is the Lavender Sage Energy Bath.

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